Response Computer Group Upgrades to Fiber


by Terry Rogers

Response Computer Group in the Milford Industrial Park announced recently that they were upgrading to a dedicated Comcast Fiber Optic line. The new line will run directly into their building. Randy Ennis, owner of Response Computer Group said that the upgrade was initiated after the company was contacted by Comcast.

“The installation was completed in three stages,” Ennis said. “Phase I was installing the fiber, Phase II was connecting the new fiber router and testing the circuit and Phase III was when the fiber line went live at the end of May. This fiber optic upgrade allows for more reliable internet access and for identical upload and download speeds. Internet through Comcast cable has a high download speed, but low upload speed. Speeds over Comcast cable can be reduced by traffic from neighbors since all buildings in a specific area use the same coax cable for internet, TV and voice services.”

Bryan Eshelman, IT technician at Response Computer Group, explained that the fiber optic line will allow local companies an option for more consistent high-speed internet access.

“Internet access is critical to most companies since phone service, point-of-sale devices and numerous other functions rely on it,” Eshelman said. “For example, Bayhealth needed fiber for their offices on and near Airport Road. Comcast provided the fiber infrastructure and allowed other companies to purchase the fiber connection which RCG saw as a positive for our business.”

Fiber optics use optical signals through bundles of clear plastic fiber instead of electrical impulses over coax cable. More data can be transmitted over fiber optics than over coax cable and fiber does not generate heat like electrical cables. In addition, fiber optic lines are more secure as they are difficult to tap.

“We have a router that allows us to use the Comcast fiber connection with a Verizon 4G connection as a backup,” Ennis said. “If a line was cut, we would fail over to a wireless internet connection. It would be slower, but we would still be operational. We are also working on upgrading our client’s accounting and server software before the end-of-life for Windows Server 2008 in January 2020. After that time, Server 2008 will no longer receive security patches.”

In addition to adding fiber optic lines and preparing clients for the end-of-life for Windows Server 2008, they continue to provide repair services for computers as well as IT services for businesses and residences. Contact them by calling 888-698-0875.


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