Pro Wash Services Focuses on Quality


by Terry Rogers

Andy Nitkowski wants his company, Pro Wash Services, to be known for the high-quality work they do. Too often in his professional pressure cleaning career, he has seen the damage that can be caused by someone who does not have the proper training or knowledge when it comes to power washing.

“I’ve seen companies using improper equipment that has led to damage to screens, siding and even windows,” Nitkowski said. “Woodwork needs to be done carefully or the machine can leave cut marks. I have seen plants ruined, lines in siding, damaged wood on decks, missed spots. It is my goal to be different from all of the companies who give people a low price but end up leaving a customer with a bad job, or even worse, damage to their home or yard.”

Nitkowski began his pressure washing company initially as a hobby, just looking for something to do outside of his full-time position with Plastic Materials and then the State of Delaware. He operated a portable pressure washing machine out of the back of his truck at first, but as his business grew, he began to research the best equipment and products to use. He built his own trailer and upgraded equipment one piece at a time, paying as he went. A Google ad led to an 800 number, then signs that brought him new customers each season.

“Over half of my work is existing customers,” Nitkowski said. “Those customers often refer me to friends and family, especially in developments. One homeowner sees that their neighbor’s house is clean and asks who did the work. That is what has grown my business. The quality of my work and customers who tell others what good work I do.”

A graduate of the Milford High School Class of 1991, Nitkowski moved to Milford from Annapolis when he was in third or fourth grade. After high school, he joined the Coast Guard, serving for four years before returning to Milford. When he is not pressure washing homes and decks, he spends time on his boat, fishing. The family also includes a 3-month old chocolate lab who he hopes will become his fishing buddy.

“I cannot stress enough how important it is for me to do quality work,” Nitkowski said. “I live here in Milford. I see my customers when I go out to dinner or shop in town. Reputation is critical in this business and I never want to worry that my customers are not pleased with my work.”

Nitkowski uses what he calls a “soft wash,” a low-pressure system with high-quality cleaners. The system is easier on siding and other features of buildings. He also spends extra time cleaning gutters, fascia and trim because he feels that attention to detail is critical to his success. In addition to homes and businesses, he offers his service for decks, concrete, patios and other surfaces that need pressure washing. He says that when it comes to pressure washing, the lowest price may not be the best option.

One thing that sets him apart from others is that he always answers the phone and he makes a point to come out and meet with he customer. Nitkowski believes that the personal touch he provides helps put customers at ease. When he meets with customers, he explains the entire process and gives an estimate right away. The estimate does not change once the job is complete, unlike some companies who claim unexpected work was needed so they had to add additional costs.

“Even if it costs a few dollars more, you won’t think about those few dollars after the job has been done properly,” Nitkowski said. “I cannot stress enough how important the quality of this type of work is and how easy it is for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing to cause damage that will cost more than those few dollars to fix.” Once he finishes a job, Nitkowski walks around with the customer so he can address any issues they see.

Customers who refer friends or family members who use Pro Wash Services receive a $20 referral bonus. The bonus is unlimited so if five friends use Pro Wash Services, the referring customer can receive $100 in bonuses. Pro Wash Services is fully licensed and insured. They accept major credit cards as well. Schedule an appointment for a free estimate by calling 855-234-WASH, visit their website at or email



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