Gov Carney Recognizes MCA Students


The Delaware General Assembly presented a Joint Tribute that was signed by the House, Senate and the Governor to the Milford Central Academy We the People team that was coached by teacher Sam Holloway. The students were recognized on the House floor, Senate floor and were given time with the Governor in his office where he asked them all about the program. The primary House sponsors were Representatives Postles and Kenton, and the Senate sponsor was Senator Simpson.

The middle school team from Milford Central Academy became the first team from Delaware in 31 years to win a unit award at the We the People National Invitational in Washington, DC. They are also the first middle school team from Delaware to attend the competition.



The competition is based on six units from curriculum the students learn throughout the year. Teams are divided into groups for each unit and each unit has three questions to answer, each question with three parts. The units must prepare a four-minute oral response to each question. When they are before the judges, they are asked one of the three questions and, after their response, there is a six-minute period where judges ask follow-up questions. The students do not know which of the three questions will be asked until they are before the judges.

“They are more than a dedicated group of unique students,” Holloway said. “They all bring the skills they have learned in school and apply them in this class. All are excellent writers, passionate and know their shortcomings which they will work to improve. All are self-starters, which is needed. When I say they need to start writing, editing or whatever, they jump to it.”

The students who competed in the competition were Joshua Beckett, Brianna Blocker, Nicolas Colona, Liam Dennehy, Myah Forsee, Ryleigh Harrison, Brian Harte, Kayla Jefferson, Cecelia Kewer, Jordan Lee, Emmerson Leftever, Jacob Muir, Olivia Muir, Kylie Short and Leah Tate.