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by Terry Rogers 

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Teaching for 19 years is an indication of how important it is for Kelly Dee to help others. Her new Health Coaching business, FABYOU, is designed to assist men and women who want to improve their health, lifestyle, as well as their body image. As a certified Health Coach, Kelly knows that she can help others transform their health and their body for good.

“I want my clients to uncover what has been stopping them,” Kelly said. “I want them to understand what slows them down and prevents them from reaching their goals. Through health coaching, I can provide the right system, the right support and the right accountability that will help them transform. I help clients develop the vision they need to totally transform and learn what foods as well as habits are best for them.”

Kelly has lived in Delaware her entire life, attending the University of Delaware where she earned a Bachelor of Education and also attended Wilmington University receiving her Master’s Degree. Married and mother of two children, she is currently continuing her education as a Health Coach with advanced health and life coaching courses. Kelly has a strong desire to help others become the best possible version of themselves that they can be. She began her journey into a healthier lifestyle with the same issues that many of her client’s face.

“I was a very confused and frustrated person,” she said. “I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and when I would diet, I didn’t feel well at all. I was dealing with a rapid heartbeat that turned out to be an allergy to MSG. I also struggled with emotional eating, using food to cope and fill voids in my life rather than dealing with what was really wrong. When my daughter, Kenzie, was four and my son, Jake, was one, I realized that I was now a mother to two beautiful children who needed me and I wanted to be the healthiest I could possibly be. I was tired of fad diets and dealing with what I could or could not eat. When I turned 30, I was determined to find out how to feel and be my absolute best.”

Kelly started researching the best options for her, changing her diet and exercising regularly. One of the things she learned was that there was room for all foods in her diet and she treats herself with some of her favorite chocolate treats.

“Yes, I am in love with chocolate and if you add peanut butter, I am in heaven,” Kelly said. “I have also learned that our bodies have an innate wisdom and if we listen, our bodies will tell us exactly what we need and don’t need. I don’t have incredible willpower. I simply say to myself ‘I get to’ instead of ‘I should.” I created new habits that really just unfolded for me and helped me feel my absolute best. Not only have I improved my health, other areas of my life improved, including relationships, career, spirituality and finances.”

Services offered through FABYOU includes a 14-Day Cleanse Reset which can address issues like bloating after eating, headaches, craving for sugar or starch and mood swings. If you gain weight in your stomach or have extra pounds that do not come off with diet and exercise, the 14-Day Cleanse Reset can help you address those problems. The 90-Day Total Body Transformation is for those who have tried dieting but keep finding themselves feeling fatigued, stressed and depressed.

“The 90-Day Total Body Transformation helps you discover what’s been holding you back,” Kelly said. “In just 12 private sessions, I can help you get the health you deserve and break those bad habits forever. What is even better is that you can schedule a Free Total Body Breakthrough Session to make sure we will work well together. The 90-Day Total Body Transformation is not something to start and stop. It’s a lifestyle that will create habits for the rest of your life that leave you feeling energized and your absolute best. This program is designed and created for each client’s individual needs.” Clients are also welcome to join ClubFABYOU as part of the 90-Day Total Body Transformation program. This is a group of inspired clients who are enrolled and work better as part of a team. They meet once each month, sharing challenges and successes. The goal is to inspire, motivate and share with each other. In addition, Kelly is creating a FABYOU cookbook created from recipes shared in the group.

A free session can be scheduled with Kelly Dee through her website at or you can email her at


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