Pollen, Bugs Can Seriously Damage Vehicle’s Exterior


by Terry Rogers


Although the harshest season for pollen is almost over, when trees and flowers are in bloom, pollen remains in the air. Unlike the early spring when pollen is clearly visible on your vehicle, especially if you have a dark-colored car, summer pollen is less visible yet can still do damage to the exterior of your vehicle.

“On the exterior of your car, pollen can have a negative impact on both your paint and your windshield,” Owner of Duck-In Car Wash Garrett Grier said. “Pollen can quickly coat the outside of your car and, if unattended, can leave a sticky, dirty mess to clean up. Over time, this buildup can begin to deteriorate the car’s paint job, potentially leading to chips and, eventually, rust. To help prevent this buildup, it’s important to wash your car frequently and use a wax coating to protect the paint.”

During summer months, Grier says that bugs are the biggest hazard to your car’s finish. Like pollen, bug buildup needs to be removed from the exterior of your vehicle as soon as possible.

“When a bug is smashed onto the front of your car, the guts are allowed to mix together,” Grier explained. “Most bugs will result in an acidic goop that sticks to your car. You can see it on your windshield, but you won’t see it very well on your front grille until the damage starts to accumulate. This kind of damage can only be properly repaired by a paint shop.” Grier said that bird debris can cause the same type of damage as it sits, eating through the paint and causing the clearcoat to weaken. This is why Grier recommends washing your car often during summer months to remove pollen, bugs and bird droppings. He also recommends using wax to further protect the paint.

 Grier opened the Milford Duck-In location in October 2006 and the Seaford location in 2014. This year will mark the fourth anniversary of the Seaford location. Currently, both locations are running a special for 15 percent off to any customer who presents the most recent Facebook post advertising the June discount.

“Both locations continue to grow thanks to the support of the Seaford, Milford and surrounding communities,” Grier said. “We pride ourselves on providing our customers good service, in a reasonable amount of time at a fair price. We currently employ 60 employees between both locations and wash around 100,000 cars annually. The locations are open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 5 PM and on Sunday from 9 AM until 4 PM.

The Milford location is at 215 Aerenson Drive and they can be reached at 302-422-0109. The Seaford location is at 9817 Spotless Street and they can be reached by calling 302-536-7062.



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