“Cones for Cops” Celebrates MPD


by Terry Rogers



Donna Watson of ReMax/Twin Counties Real Estate in Milford wanted to create an event that would create more social interaction among citizens while also giving back to the Milford Police Department. After brainstorming with her husband Glenn and their son Jamie, “Cones for Cops” was developed. On Friday, June 29, Frozen Farmer provided free ice cream in Bicentennial Park to a large crowd.

“We need to be more social and get to know each other better,” Watson said. “Milford Police Department always has everyone’s back and I think it is time we give them the appreciation they deserve. I talked to the Chief and we thought this was a great way to allow the police to connect with people.”

Chief Kenneth Brown was thrilled when Watson reached out to him about the event. This was a way for his officers to talk to the public in an informal, relaxed setting.

“We always look for ways for our officers to be among the people,” Chief Brown said. “When they are called to the scene of a crime, it is often stressful for people, so these types of events allow them to get to know people without that stress. I am very appreciative of The Watson’s and Remax Realty for doing this. When we get support like this from the community, it makes it easier to get the rest of the community behind us.”

Watson said that she also wanted the event to be about the local area. She pointed out that things had been done for the police that were dispersed throughout the area, but not as much had been done specifically for Milford Police Department.

“This is just the first of many ideas we’ve come up with,” Watson said. “We’re hoping to do a Code Purple collection in August or September as well. We don’t want to wait until cold weather strikes before we gather blankets, coats and other items. We’re looking at a possible event around Thanksgiving as well.”

Corporal Robbie Masten, who helped coordinate the event hoped that those who visited Bicentennial Park that day would take the time to talk to the police officers who were walking around.

“Today’s weather is certainly perfect for ice cream,” Cpl. Masten said. “But, we hope this is more than just free ice cream and that people take the time to get to know our officers. We try to be as visible in the community as we can, even though that is difficult sometimes. These types of events make our officers seem more approachable and less intimidating, especially to small children.”



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