Item on my bucket list


Guest Writer Steve Monz, Afternoons on Cool 101.3

Last week I had the chance to check an item off of my bucket list. I got the opportunity to cover the Quicken Loans National PGA tournament at TPC Potomac in Washington D.C. for ESPN 930am and 102.1FM. Although that is a cool assignment, It’s not the actual bucket list item.

Whether you are a golf fan or not, you know who Tiger Woods is. Without a doubt one of the greatest golfers of all time. He’s on the Mount Rushmore of golf with Arnie and Jack. Tiger has had unbelievable achievement after unbelievable achievement along with plenty of personal drama.

As a golfer, I had always wanted to spend a day walking 18 holes with Tiger Woods to see first-hand what the phenomenon was all about. I call it the “Tiger Phenomenon” because there are certain people in life who have the “It” factor. People who have the ability to make the world stop what we are doing and watch. Paul McCartney has the same quality. Larger than life personas.

So, here I am with an opportunity to walk 18 holes with the great Tiger Woods. He’s not the Tiger who once struck fear into opponents, but he still has an incredible talent and an ability to keep us watching, waiting for the magic to happen. We walked 18 holes of pretty much mediocre golf. Even par for the day. Good shots, bad shots. But on every hole, and every shot the thousands following him held their breath waiting for the amazing to happen. From the very first tee where we had to secure a spot an hour ahead of his tee time, to scrambling on every hole to get to the next perfect viewing location. There was an electricity in the air. A Buzz.

Finally, on the 16th green surrounded by the massive gallery, Tiger lined up for a six-foot birdie putt. Not a 30 footer to win the Masters. More of a routine birdie putt. As he settles over the ball there is an incredible silence from several thousand fans all watching this putt. A silence that is impossible to not notice. As he pulls the putter back and follows through the ball it begins to roll in slow motion to the waiting cup. It’s clear it’s headed in. The most awesome sound of a golf ball rolling around in the cup cannot possibly be heard, but we all hear it in our minds. And then, the roar. The roar of the crowd. This is what we have been waiting for. That Tiger Roar. Again, this was a six-foot birdie putt on a hole and tournament that really meant nothing. But for everyone around that green it was a chance to stop their busy lives and watch a legend of our time practicing his craft.



It reminded me of one of my favorite quotes. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” You know, the great philosopher Ferris Bueller. What can I say I draw my inspiration from great 80s pop culture. So, I’m glad I stopped to take a look around at one of the stars on this planet during my time here. I’ve seen McCartney too with my Dad, so I can cross that one off the list as well. What’s next?

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