The Lord is changing the hardest hearts


Rev. Anthony Giamello
Pastor, St. John the Apostle/St. Bernadette

At the beginning of His public ministry, the people of Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth attempted to murder Him by trying to throw Him over a cliff.  Later, some of Jesus’ relatives, probably from His hometown, came to take charge of Him, saying, He is out of His mind.  This may have been more traumatic than the attempt on His life.

Nevertheless, Jesus went back to His hometown and taught “in the synagogue in a way that kept His large audience amazed.” However, “He could work no miracle there, apart from curing a few who were sick by laying hands on them, so much did their lack of faith distress Him.” Jesus reaches out to us in love, forgiveness, and mercy especially to those who hate, attack, reject, dishonor, and distress Him. Sometimes these people repent.  We are encouraged, like many of Jesus’ disciples, to go into the upper room and receive a new Pentecost.

If you have rejected Jesus, there is hope for you no matter what you have done
if you only repent.  There is hope, for the Lord is changing the hardest hearts,
after all, He is waiting for you with open arms in the Sacrament of

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