It Feels Like It Just Started


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So as you’re reading this the Delaware State Fair is about to get underway, Little League Tournaments are winding down and you’ve probably seen some pens, pencils and backpacks popping up at your favorite shopping destination all these things can only mean one thing, summer is almost over.

I know, I know, it feels like it just started, just a few seconds ago we were partying it up for Memorial Day, dusting off the barbecue grill and buying fireworks at Wal Mart, but alas the Summer season comes and goes with a swiftness that annually amazes me. My Dad always used to tell me, when I would opine as a 18 and 19 year old about how fast time was going by, “Wait until you’re 40.”

Well as is typically the case, Dad was right. Days go by in the blink of an eye, weeks are like a trip to the restroom and the months seem to flip as fast as a Family Guy episode. I’m not sure why this happens, but I can (as any other adult my age) tell you with certainty that it does. Case in point, I had a Memory pop up on Facebook just the other day from a party that I thought was just a few months ago, and it turns out it was 3 years ago, literally.

I have a theory, it might be the more responsibility you take on the faster the clock seems to tick, ya know, you climb the ladder at work, buy a house, have kids, volunteer for an organization, get a pet, change the oil, change the air filters, cut the grass, gotta exercise, oops need to see our friends who we actually haven’t hung out with in months, pay our taxes, etc. Just thinking about all that stuff made an hour go by.

Now what’s the point of all of this? No, I’m not just trying to make you feel bad for the fact that I’m getting older, I more so wanted this to serve as a reminder that time is fleeting. You know that you’ve felt everything that I’ve written about in this article, you’re dreading Back to School shopping, but you know it’s going to happen with or without you, so slow down.

There have been several examples lately that could lead you to the same conclusion, a family taken away in the blink of an eye in a traffic crash, boys that nearly disappeared in a cave in Thailand and a whole family taken away in a moment of selfishness by a father. Those folks were all probably feeling like life was moving pretty fast too and you always hear it when tragedy strikes, if I only we had more time together.

Well, honestly we do, but most times we don’t take advantage of it. So what I’m trying to say is prioritize the people, things and places that you want to be with the most and do it. There will always be more money to make, movements to march with and political enemies to argue with on Facebook, but there are only so many sunsets, first steps, crabs to eat and hand holding that you get with the one you love the most. So do more of the latter and as much less as the former as you possibly can. Fill your heart and the fleeting moments we DO have with all the fun and love that’s possible and I think we’d all be much better off for it. Because if you don’t by the time you’ve finished reading this, your kid will need help with their homework, Just Sayin’! Be kind to one another and until we meet again, here’s to taking it slow…

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