We are the children of God


Rev. Anthony Giamello
Pastor, St. John the Apostle/St. Bernadette

Realization of our dignity as children of God should change our outlook on life. We are to be children filled with love, rather than selfishness and disobedience. We are to respect our brothers and sisters in Christ. As God’s children, we should live a life of absolute trust in the goodness of our Heavenly Father, who knows what is best for us. The realization that we are the children of God should bring us great comfort, peace and joy–even in our worst moments.

All our welcome to come learn and pray for your family- your spouse, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews- everyone! Join us on Saturday, July 21st from 9am-12pm at St. John the Apostle Church for Mass and a Special Rosary for Families, followed by a talk hosted by Fr. Indogesit Etim, Associate Pastor from Church of the Holy Cross. Refreshments will be provided.