Bucs B-Ball Gets New Coach


By TJ Millman

After missing the state tournament for the first time in the last five seasons, the Milford boys’ basketball team is going into the 2018-2019 season under new leadership. Milford alumni Lamarr Shorts, an ’04 graduate who played three years at Milford himself, has been selected as the new head coach. Shorts coached the Milford Central Academy team last season, but this will be his first head coaching job at the high school level. In fact, barring one year as a volunteer three seasons ago, this is Shorts’ first coaching experience at the high school level at all.

Though Shorts may be relatively new to the head coaching scene, he has tons of basketball experience to fall back on. Shorts played three seasons of high school ball, two seasons at Division I Liberty University (one as a redshirt), three seasons at Division II Bryant College, and four years of experience in the APBL, KBDL, European leagues, as well as sessions with the Delaware 87ers and the Harlem Globetrotters.

Shorts has been busy off the court as well. The middle child of nine, Shorts completed his grade school in Milford School District, received his Bachelors Degree in Business Management, will complete his Masters Degree in Special Education in August, and just finished his first year as the Special Education ILC Self-Contain Teacher at MCA. He is also husband to Mercedes Shorts, with whom he recently purchased their first home together and is father to a little girl, AveriJolé, and is awaiting a son in November.

Shorts accepted the head coaching position because he saw an opportunity to give back, something he is very passionate about.

“I decided to accept the coaching position at Milford High School because it is an opportunity to utilize basketball to impact the players, families, school district, and community,” Shorts said. “The goals for the team this year are to build a camaraderie within the players and program and to increase the confidence of each individual on and off of the basketball court.”

Though Shorts is looking for boys who can ball, he is also looking for athletes who know how to carry themselves as individuals as well.

“The players to make the team are individuals who obviously want to play basketball, can take and carry out instructions, understand what it means to be a ‘student athlete’ with student being first as academics and behavior come before being a basketball player, and individuals who are willing to learn what it means to be a representation of themselves, their families, their school district, and the community,” Shorts said. “This will be the mindset, focus, and structure of the Milford Central Academy team up through the Milford High School teams as well.”

Even though last year’s team struggled to a 6-14 season, Shorts is confident in his ability to turn things around.

“This coaching staff is looking forward to the journey ahead; we are very confident in our abilities to effectively develop and grow the character and culture of everyone that is a part of this program and community,” Shorts said.

The Bucs and Shorts begin their season of redemption on November 30 at Laurel High School.

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