Cultivating friends at Milford’s Farmers Market


Guest Writer Ed Tyll, Afternoon Talk Show Host on Delaware 105.9 FM, WXDE

Saturday mornings in Milford are more fun than ever!
Around 8 I start to hear the sound system softly playing my favorite Billy Joel songs, as the tables and tents arrive. I pull up the blinds and see the produce producers setting up for a big day.

When the weather cooperates, the crowd builds early. Before 9 the hustle and bustle are ramping up. There are lookie loos and prepared buyers for the fruits, veggies to the hand made soaps. After I’ve stocked up for myself, I bring my stash home. And now I’m ready to circulate in the throngs known as the Milford Farmer’s Market.

Danny and I first met at the “Bing Cherries” table. He gave me the lowdown on how much healthier local farm cherries are for you. He also had the price comparisons from the big supermarkets. Without a doubt the Milford Farmer’s Market, he said, will help make you healthy, wealthy and wise. Then he made some old farm joke about money growing on trees. As I chuckled I realized that old Danny has been working on a farm pretty much his whole life.

He went on to explain, the wealthy and wise parts of shopping at the Milford Farmer’s Market. He rattled off a list of illnesses, colds, flu bugs etc that HE had never contracted. And he knew which of the nutritious offerings was responsible for fending off the germs; which ones strengthen our immune system and taste delicious. It was that list, that I started to commit to memory, that made me realize I WAS getting wiser from the Farmer’s Market too.

The entire spectrum of age was represented from toddlers with Mom and Dad, fascinated with all the activity to the veterans of vitality. These are the pros. They have been enjoying this area treasure for many years, since they retired from their own farm work, and are quite selective at every table they buy from. I also noticed that the vitality veterans seem to know almost all the vendors by first name.

As mid afternoon approached, I realized that I had become part of a crowd. I was developing a good eye for what my diet might be missing and I was stocking up on delicious fresh food for the third time. When we reconvened near the Riverwalk where we started, we stood for Danny’s crowd selfie with bags in hand.

Milford’s Farmer’s Market has me eating better for sure, but it also introduced me to my most nutritionally knowledgable new friends. See ya’ Saturday.