Soccer world cup blues


Guest Writer, Petch, Eagle 977

I am still suffering from the Soccer world cup blues, Not because England didn’t win but because it’s over.

There is just something very exciting watching all these nations battle it out for the big prize that is the world cup, I mean those bragging rights don’t get any bigger when you are the best in the world.

The next world cup is going to be a very interesting affair if it actually happens in Qatar in 2022, There are growing calls for Qatar to be stripped of the right to host it after a report claimed their bid employed a US PR firm and ex-CIA agents to smear their main rivals, England, U.S and Australia.

If Qatar is shown to have broken the FIFA rules, then they can’t hold on to the World Cup. The Qatar 2022 tournament organizers deny the allegations, Qatar won the right to stage the tournament in December 2010 at the same time Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup, beating other bids including one from England, The U.S and Australia.

The Qatar bid has previously been accused of corruption but was cleared in 2014 after a two-year FIFA inquiry.

But if it does stay in Qatar I believe it would be the first world cup that has taken place in the winter, The reason being is due to the extreme heat in the summer.

The headache that would cause though for the European leagues would be a nightmare, When the World cup is held in the June those domestic leagues are over but with it starting November 21st 2022 and finishing December 18th those leagues are already playing.

Does this mean those leagues will have to take a 5-6 week break? With so much at stake in those leagues, Those top flight teams could not lose a good chunk of their squads to play for their country.

Imagine starting the NFL season and stopping it for 5-6 weeks for a world cup? Fans would be in uproar.

Only time will tell.
While talking soccer the U.K soccer season is about to start again on August 10th and I so ready for the first game and I am fired up and good to go.

A crazy amount of money has been spent by teams in the closed season, and there is still time to spend more.

TOP 3 Spends this closed season

3. Manchester United (MY TEAM) – $108 Million
2. West Ham United $111 Million
1. Liverpool (THE TEAM I DISLIKE THE MOST) $212 Million

This kind of money is insane to me and does not mean you will win that big prize at the end of the season.

Many teams have tried and failed many times, And on a personal level I hope Liverpool add their name to that list.

Hope my wife is ready to become that soccer widow again as Saturday soccer days are back in the Petch house.

First games start at 7:30am and that last game is finished by 3pm, And then are some Sunday games too, Can you feel me smiling from ear to ear while you read this.

I know it’s still a growing game here but it is the world’s biggest followed and supported sport and I am in 101%.

So if you are friends with me and you Call, Text or hit me up on Social Media Saturday or Sunday from this weekend please be patient because I will be glued to my TV with no phone in hand

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