Lifecycle Hosts “Ride for Jake”


by Terry Rogers



On Wednesday, August 8, Lifecycle in Milford will host “Ride for Jake,” a Star Wars-inspired bike ride designed to raise money for one of their first customers at the bike store.

“Jake and his girlfriend, Erin, have become an integral part of the bicycle community in Milford,” Jenn Rowan, owner of Lifecycle said. “If there is an event at Lifecycle, downtown, Abbott’s Mill, they are there participating and volunteering. They have become beloved members of our “good vibes tribe” surrounding the outdoors and bicycling. When Jake received his latest cancer diagnosis, we decided to help them out the only way we knew how – with a bike ride.”

The ride will begin at Lifecycle at 6:45 PM, rolling out at 7 PM. Because Jake has a dry sense of humor and is a huge “Star Wars nerd,” the ride is designed to be light-hearted and fun, featuring the Empire and The Rebellion. Participants are asked to wear their best Star Wars t-shirt or costume as well as light sabers. All riders must have helmets along with front and rear lights. Donations in any amount will be accepted or riders can donate at the GoFundMe page set up for Jake.

“If you have no Star Wars attire, wear black and red if you are part of the Dark Side or earthy tones if you are One with the Force,” Rowan said. “The ride will last between 45 and 60 minutes at a pace not over 10 miles per hour. It is a fun ride that will focus on fun, laughter and support for Jake and Erin. The ride is family friendly, but parents are responsible for their children. Child riders should be confident in their bike handling skills on the road and in riding politely with a group.” Rowan suggests reviewing the Delaware Bicycle-Friendly Law and Code which can be found at or

At the age of 14, Jake was diagnosed with choroidal melanoma. His scans were clear for many years, but he recently learned the cancer has returned and is in his liver as well as his lungs. He is receiving treatment at Sloan Kettering in New York City with a specialized procedure known as liver embolization, which took place on July 23. There is a chance that Jake may be able to enter medical trials that will address the cancer in both his lungs and liver.

For more information, contact Lifecycle at 302-233-1657 or stop in at the store located at 10 Southeast Front Street.