Sudler Chosen as New Girls Basketball Coach


By TJ Millman

After spending ten years in New York, new Milford Girls Basketball Head Coach Eric Sudler has returned to his home state of Delaware. Sudler is originally from upstate, graduating from Archmere in 2002, and made the move back to Delaware following the birth of his daughter a year ago.

Sudler attended a doctoral program at St. John’s University in New York and then worked as a school psychologist in Manhattan. Sudler also coached basketball at the school as well. Sudler was originally hired to be the school psychologist at the Milford Central Academy and only applied for the coaching position upon learning of the vacancy.

“This is actually what I’m used to. I did the same thing at my last job, working as a school psychologist and being heavily involved in sports,” Sudler said.

Sudler is inheriting a bit of a project, taking over a Lady Bucs team that went 0-20 last season, but the challenge doesn’t seem to intimidate him.

“This isn’t my first time getting involved with a team that went without any wins. My first season as an assistant girls coach at my last school, I’m pretty sure we didn’t win at all. The next year we started out 9-0,” Sudler said.

One of Sudler’s keys to success lies in how he manages his players. “My expectations aren’t just to win. My outlook on sports has always been the same, from playing to coaching. The goal is to have fun and to learn. As long as you manage that, the wins will come. The most successful teams that I have been around aren’t about a hardcore pressure to win, win, win. It was to have fun, execute what you have learned, and try to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. The wins take care of themselves,” Sudler said.

Though the team is coming off of a down year, the Lady Bucs are returning all but one of their players from a year ago. Though graduate Kalaysia Reynolds will be missed, from both her scoring and leadership roles, the Lady Bucs will have a roster with a full year of experience under their belts. Returning senior Vanasha Daniels will be an early suitor to look to take over a scoring role, and Sudler is the type of coach who could really enable a scorer with his support.

Sudler makes a difference in his role as a school psychologist, and he uses sports to have the same impact on his athletes.

“I’ve been playing basketball since I was 5, and when I look back on my life’s accomplishments basketball was always a huge part of my life. Sports offered a balance for me, and I wanted to share that with the athletes that I work with,” Sudler said.

The Milford Girls Basketball Team will open the season at home on Friday, November 30 against Laurel High School at 6:15 pm.

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