Families Prepare for School Year


Local families in the Milford School District are preparing for the upcoming school year. With excitement and a little anxiety the Passwaters, Fry and Denhnam families are looking forward to the opportunities for growth and the new challenges ahead.

The Passwaters family will be sending their daughter to public school for the first time this year as she attends Morris Early Childhood in Lincoln, DE. This will be an exciting experience for the entire family as Bailey is the first child in eleven years to attend kindergarten.

“Being her first year in school, I’m looking forward to seeing what really excites her, and what interests her,” said Leslie Passwaters. “As someone who really enjoyed school, I hope she develops a love for learning.”

Leslie is most interested to see Bailey make new friends. Her mother says that she is reserved and can be shy but hopes that school will also teach her to social skills to interact more with others.

The Fry family will see their daughter Lillian attending 5th grade at Benjamin Banneker Elementary. Father Kacey is excited about the changes Lillian will see this year.

“I’m very excited to see how my child transitions from having a single classroom all day to having several classrooms that require new skills such as increased use of lockers, planning on what materials and books will be required before the next return trip to her locker, and no longer having a desk that she can call her own where papers and materials are stockpiled and lost for periods of time.”

His concerns are the social pressures that she will likely experience this year as she gets older. “She will have increased responsibilities to manage her time as pertains to schoolwork, but also to the social environment that she will belong to,” said Fry. “In 2018 the experience is very different than the one we experienced before the internet and social media. How will the pressure to find acceptance within a group of friends and classmates be affected by one’s ability/inability to interact online through social media.”

Fry hopes that his child continues to perform well in school, but more importantly to learn to take initiative. “It’s a skill we teach together as educators and parents but ultimately our children make the choice to take initiative or not,” said Fry. “I hope that by next summer my child performs better as a ‘self-starter’ and develops an enhanced form of motivation towards her schoolwork.”

Mitch Denhnam will see his oldest son DJ become a senior at Milford High School this year and is very excited to “see him walk the green” in June. Although DJ will be moving back from four years in Germany, Mitch hopes that DJ can make many new friends in Milford and have a great senior year.

For the Denham family, this year is as much about personal growth as academics. “I hope he grows as a person and takes every opportunity to experience his Senior year,” said Mitch.

With local families starting school in a few weeks, the one thing that they can find comforting is that thousands of other families in the Milford Schools District will be doing the same. For more information on the upcoming school year, families are encouraged to visit https://www.milfordschooldistrict.org.

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