Youth Orchestra Auditions, Sept 8


The Music School of Delaware’s exclusive program, the Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra (DYSO), is scheduling fall auditions Saturday, September 8, 10:00am-3:00pm at its Wilmington Branch, located at 4101 Washington Street. Interested students, up to age 18, should call 302.762.1132 to schedule.

An elite youth ensemble, DYSO engages more than 50 young musicians throughout the Delmarva and southeastern Pennsylvania area, providing a full symphony orchestra experience. Led by Music Director Simeone Tartaglione, the DYSO prides itself on singular opportunities – the only ones of this caliber offered in Delaware – including frequent sectionals; professional guest conductors from renowned institutions and exclusive performance occasions for orchestra members. Students may also take advantage of the free conducting masterclasses offered by the DYSO.

The orchestra performs up to six times per year at regional venues including the Music School and St. Anthony of Padua Italian Festival.

What makes DYSO so memorable for its student members? Former member Genevieve Hahn notes: “DYSO gives students so many opportunities to explore their musical potential. It’s known for a high standard of musical excellence that isn’t always found in youth orchestras, and the variety of pieces [performed] offers an incredibly well-rounded training experience.”

“You could say l learned to take on more leadership roles as a musician and to work more responsibly as a performer,” current DYSO member Sarah Brown agrees.

The constructive, positive attitude that Tartaglione promoted was a reason DYSO alum Zoe Yost enjoyed her experience. “He made me want to do well, to perform at my highest capability,” she says. Yost also says her takeaways from DYSO are innumerable, and go beyond music. “I learned so much.that I never would have imagined, let alone noticed, had I not participated. And, my leadership [skills] grew immensely and assisted me in other areas of life, as in school.”

To join DYSO, a student must participate in their school orchestra unless one doesn’t exist or unless the student has been excused by their school orchestra director after marching band season in November. A blind placement audition is required.

Students are asked to play two (2) scales in two (2) keys of choice and play both legato and staccato, and at fast and slow tempos. Additionally, one solo piece is required demonstrating contrasting styles (accompaniment and memorization are not required). Snare drum requirements include a concert (multiple-bounce) roll at all dynamics. Please play any prepared solo by Cirone, Delecluse, Pratt, Schinstine, Peters or similar. Mallets/Timpani students should demonstrate their ability through scales (mallets), tuning (timpani) and a prepared solo. All students will be asked to sight read.

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