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The 2018-1019 has officially started at Milford School District (MSD) as students, teachers and families prepare for a new year ahead in academics, sports and extracurricular activities. As students take on new challenges, parents are excited for the opportunities that are ahead.

“The start of the 2018-2019 school year has been a great success,” said MSD Superintendent Kevin Dickerson. “We appreciate the involvement of our families and community who have supported our students and schools during the beginning of this school year. We are fortunate to have dedicated teachers, support staff, and administrators who were prepared for the return of our students. The district is looking forward to the important work ahead, and maintains the desire for our students to learn, grow, be healthy and achieve much success.”

This year MSD welcomes over 4,200 syudents through the doors of their six schools. The Legrand family is continuing their journey in Elementary School as Benjamin Banneker Bulldogs. Their daughter Brianne is starting third grade and has “been very excited since she got the same awesome teacher as last year, Angel Mills.” Her mother says Brianne is interested in learning more about the environment and that she has noticed her daughter naming different types of clouds as they ride down the road. Legrand is hoping that her teacher will expand Brianne’s understanding of mathematics and help her to enjoy the subject more.


Back to School 2018

Back to School 2018
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The McPherson family has two young children attending MSD this year as Piper joins Morris Early Childhood in Lincoln and Finn is starting his career as a Lulu Ross Cat. “[Piper] was really excited to ride the bus this year and make new friends,” said mother Jennifer Leigh McPherson. “[Finn] is looking forward to mathematics class and recess.”

McPherson hopes both of her children make new friends, learn kindness and acceptance and increase their awareness of their community. “I hope they find self confidence and a path that they love and can follow throughout their school years and continue their love of learning new thing,” she said.

The Valentine family has two children attending Banneker Elementary. Their daughter Isabella was “super excited and could not wait to do the science fair project…” after the first day of school. Their daughter Barrett, who is going into second grade and also in the Spanish immersion class, “would rather be on summer vacation but is excited to see his friends and meet new ones.”

The Schmidt family saw their son Colt start second grade at Banneker Elementary and daughter Alexandra start Kindergarten at Morris this past week. ”Both of them were so excited to start school. Colt was excited to see his friends and meet his new Spanish teacher and Alexandra was excited to ride the big bus and sit at her desk.” The family hopes that Colt becomes more confident in Spanish and Alexandra continues to love school and her teachers.

With students transitioning from summer break to full-time school, Dr. Dickerson suggests that families should talk to children at home to let them know it is okay to be nervous as change is always stressful. Pointing out that their friends may have the same fears should also help reduce the child’s stress.

“We are very thankful for the students, families and community we serve,” said Dr. Dickerson. “We want to provide our students and families with the best educational services possible, and we are committed to educational excellence for the success of all students.”

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