Milford Wendy’s Undergoes Facelift


by Terry Rogers

**UPDATE** – After this article was released, the owners of Wendy’s contacted our staff to say that due to the condition of the building, they have decided to close this location.

“I am not sure what the actual issue was with the building, but there were structural problems that prevented us from updating this building,” Tony Perkins, District Manager of Wendy’s, said. “At this time, it has not been decided if the building will be torn down or we will be offering it for sale. I do know that Wendy’s is looking at new locations for the Milford store, but it is very preliminary and I am not sure if they will open at a new location or what they will do at this time.”



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As part of a national rebranding campaign, Milford Wendy’s recently closed in order to undergo extensive renovations. Although the district manager would not give details on when the renovations were expected to be completed, it appears the restaurant will have a completely new look when it reopens.

“I cannot give a lot of details on the renovation,” Anthony Perkins, District Manager, said. “I can confirm that we are undergoing an extensive remodel at the Milford store.”

Wendy’s began remodeling restaurants in 2011 with a plan that involved reimaging their restaurant design. The program began with an initiative to modernize their menu and restaurants. Some restaurants now have gas or electric fireplaces in their dining room as well as floor-to-ceiling windows instead of wall space to allow more natural light.

The design change was led by Abigail Pringle, Wendy’s Chief Development Officer. Pringle and her team developed four different restaurant styles that franchisees can choose from and now allows for a smaller footprint for the building. Previously, Wendy’s required a building that covered up to 3,400 square feet and an acre of land. The new design allows restaurants to be built on as little as a quarter-acre lot, allowing the company to use existing buildings for new restaurants instead of requiring one to be built from the ground up.

One change in the restaurant is that sinks will now be located outside the bathroom in an effort to promote cleanliness and health.

“People are able to come, wash their hands, freshen up and they don’t have to go into the bathroom,” Pringle said in an interview with Skift Table. “It is really built around the idea of cleanliness and being fresh. It’s an important part of our design.”

One reason for the secrecy about the changes to the Milford location is that each design is focused on customization to each location. Everything from the dining room furnishings to the music playlist is customized based on local customer preferences. Changes are being made to the kitchens to make them more efficient and the order pickups are being moved from the pay area for better customer flow. All locations will now have order kiosks as feedback obtained in customer surveys found that locations with kiosks have higher customer satisfaction than those that do not.

The Milford Wendy’s location will remain closed until the remodel is complete, Perkins said.