MHS Continues Haunted Hallways Tradition


Milford Senior High School (MHS) students are busily preparing for their 5th Annual Haunted Hallways. Each year over 2,000 Milford community members have attended this event, and this year the crowd may be even larger. It involves several student groups who join together by the desire to offer community children, who are 12 and under, a safe and weather controlled Trick or Treat experience. MHS’s Haunted Hallways will occur on Friday, October 12 from 6 to 8pm.

Haunted Hallways takes the high school and transforms it into a maze of kid friendly haunts. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary in your own community.,” said said Leslie McMillan RN,BSN and Allied Health Teacher at MHS. “Milford families don’t have to travel far to start their Halloween celebration; this is a kid-friendly, non-scary event, but there is something for everyone.”

Milford students have been busy practicing organization and planning skills while they coordinate with other student groups and teacher advisors in order to decorate their section of hallway for the arrival of Milford community members. Teachers and students have recognized the need for the community and school to join together for this event which supports local children. Each student organization has adopted a hallway, planned the decorations and will man the hallway that night passing out candy to the elementary school children. Organizations including Student Government Association, National Honor Society, Gay-Straight Alliance, Educators Rising, Future Farmers of America, The Drama Club, Future Health Professionals and Delaware Career Association have all been involved with planning this year’s event.

“The High School students enjoy the teamwork that it takes to transform the high school into Haunted Hallways. The students also like working with the staff on projects that are unrelated to schoolwork,” said McMillan. “Most of all, the students love volunteering and putting together an event for the younger generations in our community and watching how excited the kids are of something they have created.”

Students are asking community businesses to help sponsor this popular event with donations of either cash, candy or other child friendly giveaways. Any money collected from local businesses and individuals will go into a Haunted Hallways specific account to be used by programs that do not typically raise money to purchase candy or other hand-outs for our Trick-or-Treaters. If enough is donated, some funds can be used for more elaborate decorating of the hallways. Last year almost every organization decorated the school either out of money they had earned with fundraisers or out of the teacher’s own pockets.

All sponsors will be recognized in the Sponsor’s Great Pumpkin Patch which will be located just outside the entrance to the Haunted Hallways. The greater the donation, the greater the pumpkin size. Any community members who would like to contribute can contact Milford High School at 302-422-1610 or can leave their donation of candy or money with the secretary in the main office at the high school.

“This will be a chance for kids to wear their costumes a little earlier in the month and get them in the Halloween spirit,” said McMillan. “This venue offers a safe place for kids to trick or treat for candy with siblings and friends, without the worry of traffic or weather.”

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