Friday Night Lights


By Gary Schofield, ESPN 930AM and 102.1FM

There’s nothing that says community more than when a town comes together to support their local kids and this is never more evident this time of year than on Friday nights on Delmarva. Whether your kids are playing, cheering or in the marching band the smell in the air on a Friday night when the game is about to begin is unmatched! I have the unique perspective from the press box at high schools across Delmarva when we call the Milford High School games, seeing parents of kids on the field or just great supporters of their alma mater in a much different light than how most might see our society these days.

People of all ages, races, religions and heritage come together for a common goal, to cheer on their local team. For those 3 hours on a Friday night, they don’t wear any label other than the name of their school, while they root, root, root for the home team. In a lot of ways it is the best of what we are as a society, we celebrate what we have in common, instead of focusing on our differences. There is little mention of deficits, Supreme Court nominees or taxes, instead there are “nice throw”, “way to run son” and “that’s a terrible call”!

It makes me feel special that I get to be a part of that every week and it also saddens me that we only have 5 more weeks of the season left. What I notice now is that there is a lot more good in our communities than we sometimes are led to believe. You’ll see it when you are going in and out of Royal Farms, strangers greeting each other, holding the door for one another. I was out just a few weeks ago when I dropped some money out of my pocket and a teenager picked it up for me and made sure I didn’t lose it. These type of things happen way more often than the events that you see in the news, crimes, accidents, etc. We just don’t hype them up as much as what’s “newsworthy”. Trust me, look around and you’ll see it and if you don’t see it, you can start it.

So I guess what I’m saying is that if you are starting to feel that our world is falling apart, head out under the Friday Night Lights, it’s where you’ll find the best of our society and if you can’t make it there, I’ll keep telling you about it. Because it truly is my happy place. And just remember, this world can be whatever we choose it to be, if you feel there is too much ugliness than show it’s beauty even if it’s just to one person, that’s a step in the right direction.

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