Milford Movie Nights


Ed Tyll, Midday Host Delaware 105.9 FM

Over the last few months, I have met so many of my new neighbors and friends at Milford’s Third Thursdays. The food trucks, the entertainers, the musical groups have all created the most enjoyable FUN vibe on Walnut Street for residents and shop owners alike. So, how excited are we about the prospect of a new movie theater here in Milford?

The evenings in Milford are wonderfully reminiscent of the days when we were kids. Mom and Dad would take us out for an Ice Cream and we ran around, laughed and felt so much like kids, just kids with parents, having a good time. Halfway through our Double Fudge Ice Cream Cones, one of us would say, “Mom, Dad, can we got to the movies on Saturday?”.

Back then, their answer usually relied on how well we did our homework, or cleaned our room, or how helpful we were to our parents. That decision usually took a few seconds of good parental acting, and momentarily, Mom or Dad would exclaim, “Ok”. We would shriek from our ice cream mustached faces in abject joy. We would start galloping in celebratory circles around them on the sidewalk. Followed up by the repeated, “thank you, thank you” while yanking on pant leg or skirt.

The movies were very important to us as kids. We met Mickey and Minnie Mouse there. The Beatles, The Three Stooges, James Bond too. The movies was where all the amazing characters and stories became so real to us for two awesome hours in the dark.

From the Christmas Holidays to Summer Vacation, movies were always an important part of our lives. All the little ones seeing a movie for the first time, all the first dates at the theater and all the great anniversary evenings celebrated with a movie.

A new state of the art movie theater in Milford is exactly what “Dr. Milford Goodtimes” prescribes. Whether it’s a Halloween Horror Flick, a Romantic Saga of the Birth of a Star or a Wild Action Thriller, the movies take us on a story telling journey of suspense, chills, laughter and love.
I can already hear someone shushing me and whispering, “hey, psst, get ready, the coming attractions are starting”.

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