Bucs Play Fast, Lose 2-0


By TJ Millman

After giving up goals in the first 5 minutes of their last two games, the Milford Boys Soccer team came into their match against 10-1-1 Cape Henlopen determined to start out fast. The Bucs attacked the Vikings early, barely sending a ball over the top of the cross bar just minutes into the game, and kept the ball pushing into Viking territory for the first 20 minutes of the game.

“The last two games we gave up goals in the first few minutes, so we put some guys who were hungry in there. Guys who maybe are a little less technical up top, but guys who will run at them and set a tone. Davidson (Marcellus) is a player who just goes. We knew that Cape just had a tough loss against CR, so the hope was to get one in early and throw them further off their game,” Milford Assistant Coach Ed Evans said.

The Bucs made their first costly mistake with 25 minutes gone in the first half when they conceded a corner to the Vikings. Cape took three tries to get it done, but on their third straight corner attempt, they managed to sneak one behind senior keeper Jaxson Turner. The Bucs made one more gaff, ceding a penalty kick as time expired in the first half. The kick went inches over the outstretched hands of Turner, and the Vikings took a 2-0 lead into the half.



“They were just the more clinical team. They had a questionable PK, and a corner kick that they just managed to convert. We knew that they were going to be good out of set pieces, and those are things that we just can’t give up to a team of that caliber. They’re a well-organized team, and they know what to do in those situations,” Evans said.

Milford controlled what they could, giving 110% for the full game, but they struggled to get an offense going. Milford has had great effort all season, but offensive struggles have plagued the Bucs’ young offense making them inconsistent at best.

“We just need to figure out more ways to create our own shots. We work so hard getting the ball up field, and then we end up turning it over one pass away, or even passing too many times and giving up a good opportunity. Against a lesser team, our hustle and athleticism can get us a win, but against a team of this caliber we need to be able to do something special to break them down,” Evans said.

Cape finished the game with a 2-0 victory, but the score just didn’t feel like a reflection of the game itself. In fact, many of Milford’s games this year have looked wrong on the scoreboard.

“Yeah, it’s been weird for us. We outplay teams for a majority of the game, and then just a few mistakes will make the game look like we got beat handily. We make those mistakes, and then we start having to take risks to try and get back in the game. And as those risks work or don’t work, we either climb back in the game like we did against Middletown, or we fall further behind like we did against Central,” Evans said.

Milford’s next game is away against Woodbridge on Tuesday, October 23 at 4:00 PM.

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