Dispatcher Serves City for 20 Years


What’s your favorite memory while working for the City of Milford?

I would suppose it would be when I had a lady that was moving from out of state to Prime Hook and she stopped here to ask for directions and I drew her a map of how to get to the address she needed to be at and she left and came back with a cup of coffee to tell me thank you. Years later I am on a ambulance call and go to prime hook and find it’s the same lady I had given directions to and on the wall is my map framed with the note attached below it that says from my first encounter to my new home. The lady as soon as I walked in the door couldn’t believe that it was me and I had the same reaction.

What’s the best advice career advice you’ve ever received?

To always start thinking about your retirement and plan for that day from the very first day you start a job. I’ve told this to many of the new employees because it’s very true that the time will pass faster than you will ever believe. My mom always told us never to feel limited and to always be open to different options and to never forget that you should always be able to go back where you came from.

What do enjoy doing in your free time?

I don’t have much free time but when I do get off I enjoy working outside or remodeling something in the house. My biggest passion is working with animals and have been with the state as a rehabilitator for several years and have been very thankful that the Police Dept has always been very good about letting people drop off found/injured animals there for me.

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