Euphoric Herbals Seeks Holistic Health


Headaches, low iron, allergies and trouble with sleeping are just a few of the issues Cindy Collins, owner of Euphoric Herbals Apothecary, has products for. Collins originally began her herbal business as an online store in 2010.

“Herbals were just a hobby for me because I was running three small businesses,” said Collins. “I chose this one because of the impact I could make with it.”

Collins, a certified Herbalist, birth doula and certified lactation counselor, opened the Milford retail location in September. The apothecary also doubles as the company’s shipping headquarters. The warehouse/manufacturing is located in Harrington.

The location of the Apothecary wasn’t a split second decision either. “Milford is just a great area and it’s easy to get to from the eastern shore”, said Collins. The community was another important deciding factor. “Milford is really growing but it still has a small town feel,” said Collins “Plus there isn’t an herbal store within 90 miles.”

As for the products in the Apothecary, the list almost seems endless. “I asked my existing customers to let me know what products or supplies they have a hard time finding,” said Collins.

Along with over 125 loose herbs, they carry numerous tea blends for almost every ailment you can think of. Some of most popular items are actually Collins own proprietary blends for lactation support. Other goods at the store include natural body care products, local honey, carrier oils, immune boosting syrups and herbal extracts. One of the newest products is CBD oil. “It’s from an award winning CBD manufacturer,” said Collins. “I really wanted to make sure I found a great product.”

With the help of six part-time employees, they ship to all 50 states and 58 countries. “One month we shipped over 1,500 packages,” said Collins. The environment is also always on her mind. “I love to buy in bulk so I can dispense it myself,” said Collins. Customers who bring in their own containers receive a discount on refills. “Our general society is so wasteful,” said Collins. Along with trying to use less packaging, she uses plain reusable gift bags for purchases and only offers digital receipts.

Collins enjoys using her platform to help other small business owners so, she has plans to sublet a room in the apothecary. “It’s very hard to find an affordable place to host a class,” said Collins. Some of the classes she hopes to have are for “make and take” items such as bath bombs and paint nights. The apothecary also carries a plethora of supplies for the DIY-er. In the future she also plans to host lactation consultants, certified aroma therapists, and holistic healthcare professionals from out of state. “Not everyone wants to travel for classes or maybe it’s just not convenient for them,” said Collins. A tea making class at Dolce Bakery in Milford is another venture she hopes to include as well as a quarterly book club.

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