Council Recognizes Sen Simpson


by Terry Rogers


On Monday, November 26, Milford City Council recognized Senator Gary Simpson who will retire from the state legislature at the end of this legislative session. His seat will be taken by Senator-elect Dave Wilson in January.

“I, Arthur J. Campbell, Mayor of the City of Milford, hereby proclaim our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Senator F. Gary Simpson, for the countless hours of dedicated and distinguished service he has given the City of Milford and its citizens and wish him continued success in all future endeavors,” Mayor Campbell read from a proclamation given to Senator Simpson.

Senator Simpson was born and raised in Milford, graduating from Milford High School. He received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science in 1969 and a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics in 1972. He was elected to the Senate in 1998 and quickly rose through the ranks. In 2008, he became the Senate Minority Leader, remaining in that position until his retirement. When handing him the proclamation, Mayor Campbell commented that he would miss Senator Simpson’s breakfasts.

“I think that is what helps us as state officials keep in touch with the towns we represent, those every four to six week breakfasts,” Senator Simpson said. “I had a friend recently who was considering moving to Milford. He commented to me that he read about crime in the town and was concerned. I told him that, like every town, we do have crime in Milford, but that here we are not afraid to call the police. We have police that are ready and willing to work for our safety. We have a school district that is growing and moving forward. When I took office, I had big shoes to fill, both Bob Voshell and Councilwoman Peel’s grandmother, Ruth Ann Minner. We have a great town here in Milford where we all work to get things done.”

Mayor Campbell said that the town owed the Senator a debt of gratitude for the support he has provided while serving in the state legislature. Senator Simpson funded numerous projects for the Milford area, including federal aid for farmers, buildings and education programs as well as funding for projects in the City of Milford.

“I have left you in good hands,” Senator Simpson said. “Dave Wilson will do a great job and will have no problem filling my shoes. You also now have another one of your own in Bryan Shupe stepping into the seat vacated by my friend, Harvey Kenton. Milford will be well-represented in the legislature for years to come. When I cleaned out my office, I brought home box after box and my wife asked me what I was going to do with it all. I told her a lot of it would be put away, but this proclamation will be prominently displayed because it means a lot to me.”

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