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Dec 16 2018 /

This is a story about serendipity and the kindness of strangers, a story my boss, Dan Gaffney, morning show host at Delaware 1059, called “radio magic.” And, since we are gearing up for the holidays, it’s a reminder that there are plenty of good people in the world, selfless and compassionate people that I am honored to know.

In life, you often never know whose path you will cross and what impact you will have on them or vice versa. As a radio host on Delaware 1059, I had hosted a statewide show for the past few years before management made a programming change, resulting in the loss of some listenership. And if listeners didn’t have a smart phone where they could listen on the app or a computer where they could stream the show, then our connection would be lost.

I knew I would miss many of those upstate callers, particularly an elderly woman from inner-city Wilmington, a former nurse named Mary with a lot to say about the topics du jour. Sharp, well-informed, and articulate, I looked forward to hearing what she had to say. What I didn’t know was how much other listeners missed her too.

In the past few weeks, listeners would regularly call my show and ask if I had tracked down Mary. I told them I had no way to do that because I didn’t have her contact information and didn’t know her last name. They’d offer suggestions on how to find Mary, like putting up a billboard on I-95 near Wilmington. One listener even said he knew Mary called another radio on Saturdays and said he’d listen for her and then call that station to see if he could get her phone number.

I really started to wonder why people were so darn determined to find this woman. One, listener, Truck Diver Michael, upped the ante by offering to buy Mary a tablet if we could find her. And then “Undocumented Z” called and offered to pay for Mary’s internet bill to get her up and running, so she could listen and call into “The Susan Monday Show.”

I thought to myself that people can say a lot of things, can make a lot of promises, but they often don’t come through. And, I never thought we would find Mary. But we did, and this is the rest of the story.

May the spirit of Christmas be with you!

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