Becker Morgan Begins on Police Station


by Terry Rogers

The current Milford Police Station is located on NE Front Street.

In November, Milford City Council heard from Greg Moore with Becker Morgan Group, the organization chosen for the engineering and architectural design phase of a new police station for the City. Eric Norenberg, City Manager, explained that there would be two phases with the first phase the creation of a design that would be presented to the public.

“Ernie Olds is our expert in this type of project,” Moore said. “He has experience designing many police stations, 911 call centers and other buildings with a safety basis. We are not trying to design the entire facility in this first phase. What we will design is an idea of what the building will look like, the square footage and other information the public will need to know along with a cost estimate. We will not be using the previous work that was designed several years ago. We will be starting from scratch.”

During this phase, Moore explained that Becker Morgan would work with members of the police department to create a building plan and develop a layout of the building along with a site plan. Once that plan has been completed, the company will move forward with a more extensive design with more detail that would include plumbing, electric and other aspects in order to develop a cost estimate for the public.

“We plan to do four presentations to the public,” Moore said. “Two will be devoted to the site as we have been very clear that the 16 or so acres we have to work with is much larger than we need for the police station. The other two meetings would be to show colors, materials and a floor plan along with the cost of the station. We hope to plan for the growth of the City as well when we create the design so adding additional space in the future will not be difficult. Once the public meetings are completed, the City will then need to go to referendum to get public support for the new station.”

Mayor Archie Campbell asked Moore if the new station would be designed for accreditation and certification. Moore explained that LEED certification which determines whether the building is designed for sustainability was one certification that the City may want to investigate. Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) accreditation is different, however.

“Currently, the department cannot get CALEA accreditation due to the building,” Norenberg said. “When it comes to building a police station, things must be done differently than for other types of buildings, everything from how far the doors are from the parking lot to views inside the building. When this building is designed, we will work to be sure it meets accreditation standards.”

Moore explained that Becker Morgan felt that it was important for the public to be involved in the process since the new building will be designed and built for the public. The goal is to create a building that will meet the needs of the City for many years to come.

In addition to the presentation by Becker Morgan, Council also agreed to allow David Rutt, City Solicitor, and Norenberg to continue with contract negotiations to purchase the Summers property which is the current location of A-1 Glass. The purchase would add more acreage to the police station property and the building that currently houses the glass company would be retrofitted for use by the police station. Space was needed for the five new police officers who will begin working soon, so the City determined that using the glass building would be a temporary solution until a new station is completed.


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