Santa’s Workshop Strengthens Holiday Spirit


Milford High School students hosted children from Morris Early Childhood Center, The Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club and The Learning Center on Friday, December 21 during their 20th annual Santa’s Workshop Program. The children had a chance to visit Santa’s workshop, play games with Mrs. Claus and even tell Santa himself what they wanted for Christmas. The children were escorted by elves that helped to paint faces, read books and interact with characters such as Clifford the Red Dog.

This was an opportunity for members of service clubs and career technical education students to give the students of Morris, Boys & Girls Club and The Learning Center the chance to experience seasonal activities. The high school students used the skills they have learned in class from designing the backgrounds, building toys and mentoring children.

Organizer Molly Chorman states that Santa’s Workshop provides Milford High School students the opportunity to connect and positively impact younger Milfordians. “Our high school volunteers get to remember what it’s like to believe. They also get to feel firsthand the impact you can make on someone’s life through a simple connection,” she said. “Each volunteer in each station made a personal connection today and put a smile on a young one’s face and, hopefully, a little holiday magic in their heart. That is a high school memory that is priceless and life lasting.”

The Milford High School has been putting on this production for years and has brought a smile to so many faces. Over 200 high school students and 22 teaches participated in the Santa’s Workshop Program this year, committing their time and talents to ensure that every child had a holiday experience. Hundreds of children from the Milford area enjoyed a great experience while looking up to the older students.

“Our elementary students gain hometown love from the experience. They get to see and feel a connection from older learners who once were their age and too traveled through Santa’s Workshop,” Chorman said. “Santa’s Workshop is an invaluable and important tradition because it brings our town together. We are one on this day, big to small, in the school walls and out of the school walls as the town has supported us in making this day memorable once again. Students need to feel that. Staff needs to feel that. It brings unity and a sense of belonging. That is the greatest gift.”

Each student went home with homemade cookies, books, wooden toys and some advice from Santa to always be good boys and girls.

“I hope families take away a sense of belonging from Santa’s Workshop,” Chorman said. “They belong here. We care about each of our learners and are paving the way for when today’s visitors become future high school volunteers.”

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