Letter From Del-One’s CEO Williams


Hard to believe 2018 passed by so quickly. On behalf of everyone at Del-One Federal Credit Union, best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2019! Your credit union would like to be part of your success in the New Year. After nearly a decade of stagnant and historically low interest rates, we saw a rising rate environment in 2018. What does that mean now and for the future? In recent years, borrowers were pleased to see low rates on loans while savers lamented low rates on money market and certificate accounts.

That situation has been changing as rates have become more attractive on the saving side while loan rates have increased. In any rate environment, your credit union seeks to provide competitive rates along with low fees. Del-One offered some certificate specials in 2018 and will look to do the same in 2019. As your financial partner for life, your credit union will pursue a rate and fee structure that considers the needs of all members, regardless the stage of one’s financial life.

In addition to competitive rates and fees, your credit union seeks to be accessible around the clock, wherever members may be. The branch network is one example and we’re so excited about the branch network expanding to Middletown in the first quarter of 2019. Del-One offers its members an in-house contact center based out of Dover. The contact center is available Monday – Saturday. The term has evolved from “call center” to “contact center” because communications include more than the phone. Contact center representatives interact with members through iTM’s (interactive teller machines). Future communication channels will include text and online chat capabilities. Del-One members continue to enjoy Shared Branching access such that participating branch offices around the country are available when members are traveling. Last but not least, mobile and online service delivery channels are available for member convenience. Del-One serves a diverse membership base, so the multiple service delivery channel approach is purposeful to meet the needs of a diverse membership.

Credit unions are financial cooperatives. They exist for the benefit of their member owners. The Board of Directors, management and staff are committed to that proposition. It’s a team effort and with this team, members come first. Whether it’s rates, fees, branch locations or service delivery channels, the needs of the members and safety and soundness of the credit union are at the heart of every discussion and decision.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to serve your financial needs. No matter what stage of your financial life or what service delivery channel you prefer, please know that your credit union is here for you and honored to be your financial partner for life. Let us know how we can help you achieve your financial goals in 2019.

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