Mule Run Meats Accepting Christmas Trees


by Terry Rogers

For many people, there is nothing like a live Christmas tree during the holiday season. However, after the big event has passed and the decorations put away, it is important to not simply put it in the trash. Since they are organic, live Christmas trees are easily recycled and some organizations accept the trees to be turned into mulch. This year, Mule Run Meats in Milford has a unique way for families to discard their live tree.

“Anyone with a live tree is welcome to drop it off here at our store for us to use to feed our goats,” Sherry Blessing, co-owner of Mule Run Meats, said. “The tree must be completely free of decorations and there can be no tinsel left on the tree. You don’t even have to drop it off when we are open. Simply bring it by and place it by the pen. We’ll take care of it.”

Blessing explained that pine needles are like candy to goats. There is research that indicates pine needles help protect goats from intestinal parasitic worms. Blessing said that pumpkins are also natural dewormers for goats. Pine needles may be used to treat loose stools and have been used as a restorative agent for digestive orders in the animals. In addition to the digestive benefits, chewing the branches is added exercise.

“Goats are great at clearing brush of any kind,” Blessing said. “They will stand on their hind legs and eat as far as they can reach. They will eat almost any type of vine or brush, including honeysuckle, leaves, briars.”

Experts say that pine needles can be stripped from branches and offered by hand to smaller goats who may not be able to get to the branches with larger goats. The needles are so popular with the animal, they will climb over each other to get to them.

There is no time limit for when trees can be dropped at Mule Run Meets. Blessing explained that they will take the trees as long as people have them to deliver. Mule Run Meats is located at 1931 Bowman Road in Milford and anyone with questions can call 302-242-2281.


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