New Year Resolutions


Guest Writer, Petch, Eagle 977

On January 1st, millions of people around the World have the same idea, Making that fresh start with a New Year’s resolution.

But sadly (ME INCLUDED) they don’t end up keeping them, online research says only about 8% of people achieve and stick to their new year’s resolutions, Which is kinda sad when you think about it.

But life seems to get in the way, No matter what resolution we make. As we all know the biggest resolution is getting fit and healthy, I made that one last year and I have managed for 95% to stick to it.

Has it been easy? OMG NO!! But do I feel better yes.

The biggest thing is to find a time window that works for you, If you have kids that challenge is one that is very hard. If you listen to the show you know we start on air at 5:00am, but we are in the studio around 30 minutes before that and then we generally finish around 12:30pm.

So it’s just like any 9-5 job just a different set of hours, Now like most jobs there are meetings and other things that get in the way so some days it goes over that and then it’s time to do the school run, grocery shopping, chores and the list goes on.

So how do you find time? We know it’s easy to say I don’t have time but there are 24 hours in a day.

I had the same problem and said the same thing, The only time of day that I could think would work for me was before work, Yes I know it meant getting up an hour earlier than normal but and this is the but, I can workout for an hour with no texts, emails, calls. It really is me time.

So if you get up at say 6, Then make it 5 and go have an hour of YOU TIME. I really think it’s just not about the workout, It’s about being YOU for just an hour. All the things we cram into a day don’t we deserve just an hour for yourself?

So here are some tips that helped me and they may help you.

1. Put some skin in the game
The term “skin in the game,” came from one of the World’s most successful investors, Warren Buffet. Having skin in the game means you have a personal investment in a particular undertaking, and therefore a vested interest in its success.
When we’re in a rut it’s because we often think everything is going to work without investing the time. We all have a hard time valuing the things we get for free in comparison to the things we pay and work hard for.
For the most part if something doesn’t pertain to us or gives us deep value or meaning we find it difficult to complete the task.

2. Don’t over extend to soon
January means new beginnings for a lot of us and another chance for us to make progress towards accomplishing our goals, Fitness or otherwise. Thinking positive thoughts or “putting your goals out there requires no action.
The simple thought is the idea to lose weight or exercise more or whatever your resolution is gives us that instant gratification.
In the moment is when we think about our resolution as it makes us feel good, Yet we don’t go out and do the tasks necessary to achieve that goal. Research from the Harvard Business School has demonstrated that making progress, even in small ways, is the key to productivity and happiness.

3. Being around the right people

Not only do you need to change your mindset to stick to these New Year’s Resolutions but you also need to have the right people in your corner, Partner, Friends or other family members.
It is very easy to slack off when you have no one holding you accountable, and as humans this makes perfect sense because we have a built in need for connection, and that sense to belong, We really are pack animals at heart.

As people we have a need to connect with others who share our values and goals and we are all more likely to reach those goals when we are surrounded by a supportive people.

You may be aware of an app called MyFitnessPal, Well MyFitnessPal users who have 10 or more friends lose an average of four times as much weight compared to those who haven’t connected with friends on the app. (CRAZY RIGHT) But it’s that sense of being connected to someone.

Remember with a New Year Resolution and to make it happen successfully.

You need to be:
1. Determined and the drive to do something for YOU and only YOU.
2. Having the right people around you.
3. Use the fuel from the support you get from them to make it happen for YOU.

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