Snapshot picture into a big family


Dan Gaffney, Morning talk show host – Delaware 105.9 FM

I’m the guy you see at Wal-Mart with two carts, both overflowing with groceries. We have eight children, and have discovered they do not ever take a break from eating. Neither do I for that matter, I like me some groceries.

I also hate running to the grocery store, so we attempt to do “the big trip” every two weeks. Shopping for 10 mouths. Did you know that one full cart will not fit on the checkout conveyor belt in full, so before a cart is completely unloaded with groceries the cashier has bags overflowing on the carousel of plastic bags? Things you learn.

Not being “made of money” we also have discovered everything has to be made from scratch. Bread? We make our own, always. Cheese? Big blocks, shredded ourselves. We joke that we are helping make America “grate” again. Ten pound bags of rice for two weeks, big bags of flour, dry beans and lentils (even though lentil night makes one of my daughters openly weep), and an amazing 120 eggs for two weeks. Fortunately, the grocery has five dozen eggs in one box. I’ll take two please.
Dog food, toilet paper in mass “mega-roll” sizes fill a shopping cart quickly, hence the two overflowing buggies. I get looks. If I don’t bring a helper, I push one cart while pulling another. I think I pulled a muscle too.

When I get home form the big trip the kids jump like it’s Christmas to unload everything. It’s a joy to see the chain of kids running back and forth from the car to the door with bags in hand. A group and teamwork activity. The kids work together like a well-coached team to put everything away.
My wife’s “chore chart” has the meal prep for each day broken out by breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next two weeks.

We eat together as a unit every day to share the warmth of the big family and to share time together, a payback that far exceeds the grocery shopping hassle. It is all so worth it.
Be fruitful and multiply, and fear not.