Milton Band Mixing Up Different Style


For the last three years Federal Street Band has been playing country and rock music all over the area. “Sometimes we might open for a huge Nashville band like LoCash Cowboys at The Rusty Rudder,” said Jones. “The next show could be open mic night at Easy Speak Spirits.”

The band members include Bobby Jones (Singer, guitar and manager,) Trent Hitchens (Lead guitar,) Alex Kashmanian (Base,) Dave Docute (Drums,) and Mark Tappan (Singer and Guitar.) And it’s not just music for them either. “We’re really a working band,” said Jones. Although Jones and Trent are full-time musicians, the other members also have full-time jobs. Tappan is a teacher, Docute is a home builder and Tappan is a pharmaceutical doctor. Yet, music has a way of bringing them all together.

“I’ll send a song for the guys to learn then we show up on stage and play it,” said Jones. “It usually clicks right away.”

Jones considers Federal Street Band’s genre to be a mix of new and old country with some rock thrown in. The whole band also contributes to the song writing too. “What makes us different is our format,” said Jones. “You don’t hear it much in this market.” They know how to keep the audience happy too. “We like to mix our original songs in with the covers,” said Jones. “And we really feed off what the crowd wants to hear.” Sometimes they play up to 60 songs in one night without even a tablet for lyrics. “We all just love playing music,” said Jones. “It’s our passion.” Performing doesn’t come without some work though. “Local musicians are sometimes underrated,” said Jones. “Many don’t realize all the time and effort put in BEFORE the show.”

Jones has been pursuing his own solo career as well. “I’ve spent my whole life wanting to do this,” said Jones. “Now I’m jumping in head first.” It’s just this past year that he decided to pursue his dreams full-time and it seems to be paying off. “I’ve really noticed myself developing a lot more,” said Jones. “It’s not just a hobby anymore.” One of his favorite gigs to play is an open mic night. “I play a few songs then open the mic up to the audience,” said Jones. “I really love sitting back and hearing other musicians.” Although, he might be off to Nashville to do some recording soon, he still has some local plans that include the annual Freedom Fest in Milford. “The band plays at the festival but this year I plan on volunteering and helping them get on a schedule,” said Jones. “My past work as a special events coordinator will come in handy.”

Although they play everywhere from Milford to Grantville, Pa, some changes are in the works for the band. “We’re actually being very selective about where we chose to play,” said Jones. Locally you can check them out at Park Place Restaurant and lounge in Milford on January 25. Another change Jones hopes to achieve is getting their music on Spotify and Itunes. For now you can find them on Facebook (Federal Street Band) and on Youtube.

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