Little League Needs Community’s Help

Feb 5 2019 /

The Milford Little League suffered a huge setback on January 28, 2019. Due to cold temperatures, a water pipe burst in the ceiling of the concession stand, causing more than 111,000 gallons of water to pour into the building. This resulted in the ceiling caving in and heavy water damage throughout the stand. The only insurance the league has is through the national Little League organization, and it looks unlikely that the local organization will be covered for this incident.

Professionals have been contracted for immediate cleanup of the water damage before mold sets in, and this cost alone is expected to be more than $5,000. Rebuilding the interior will come next. The board is estimating a cost in the $20,000 range for all the repairs including drywall, cabinets, electrical, plumbing, etc.

MilfordLittle League is seeking immediate assistance from anyone who can help. The season is fast approaching, and the concession stand is the main source of income, helping ensure a positive impact on each of our hundreds of young athletes. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to collect the $20,000 the organization believes will be necessary to prepare the building for the upcoming season.

“The anticipated needs for the concession stand to be functional are plumbing repairs where the pipe broke and electrical work throughout the building due to the water damage, along with all the interior walls and ceiling needing replacement,” said Little League parent and volunteer Lance Skinner. “This does not include any hurdles we may cross once the work begins. For instance, we have not tested any of the equipment, refrigerators, grill, fryers, etc., to see if the pieces are still working.”

The organization states that if they are fortunate enough to receive some funding from the insurance or grants, any monies raised through this campaign will be used for other much-needed upgrades within the ballpark.

“Either way, we need to be proactive and have the stand repaired prior to the start of the 2019 season in early April,” said Skinner. “Since 1959, Milford Little League has instilled in young athletes lifelong attributes like the importance of teamwork and motivation and, above all, having fun. We continue to offer an affordable sport so the community can enjoy America’s pastime.”

The Go Fund Me campaign can be found online here. If individuals are unable to donate via PayPal, they can email Lance at to arrange an alternate method of payment.

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