Think Outside the Roses for Valentine’s Day


by Terry Rogers



 With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, gifts for your loved one are probably on your mind. According to Bruce Fisher, owner of Plant, Flower and Garden, red roses continue to be the most popular item ordered by customers to send to their beloved but more people are “going off the grid” to celebrate the holiday.

“We also offer custom gift baskets that can be themed with your significant other’s likes,” Fisher said. “We have made them with themes that include coffee, the beach, a spa, candy, almost anything you want to give your beloved a gift that is uniquely for them. We also create bouquets that have roses in them but also include other types of flowers.” Fisher suggests choosing bouquets in the recipient’s favorite colors.

Dish gardens are another great option for Valentine’s Day. The garden center can create gardens in either ceramic dishes or baskets. They include a variety of plants that are easy to care for and will live long after Valentine’s Day. It is also possible to put cut flowers in the dish gardens that can be pulled from the garden later.

“Our most popular dish gardens have jades and succulents that are perfect for those who don’t know much about caring for plants,” Fisher explained. “Succulents are at type of cactus but are soft and fun. They are available in variety of colors and are very popular right now for decorating. There is actually a silk variety of succulent that many people prefer because you cannot tell the difference from a real one.”

Hanging baskets are also perfect for your true love on Valentine’s Day. The garden center creates hanging baskets with aloe that are very popular. When someone orders one of the baskets, they include a list of “40 Ways to Use Aloe” along with details on how to care for the plant.

If you want to send flowers, but prefer something other than roses, you can choose flowers that represent love. Red carnations represent love, pride and admiration while pink carnations represent the love of a woman or mother. White carnations represent innocence and pure love. Other options that represent love are red chrysanthemums and sunflowers. The tulip represents a declaration of love as well.

“If roses are what you want, you can even choose colors other than red,” Fisher said. “We have all different shades and some that are variegated. The red rose symbolizes love, of course, but yellow demonstrates friendship and caring while pink demonstrates elegance and grace. A lavender rose can indicate love at first sight.” Fisher explained that they can add items, like teddy bears, balloons or candy, to any vase of roses, bouquet or dish garden as well.

Whatever you choose for your beloved on Valentine’s Day, Fisher warns you need to order early in order to be sure they have what you want in stock and the time to create your bouquet. You can place your order by calling 302-422-4961 or online at