Jason James Appointed to Milford City Council


by Terry Rogers



On Monday, January 28, Jason James Sr. was appointed to Milford City Council to serve out the term vacated earlier in the evening by James Starling Sr. Mayor Archie Campbell read the resignation letter submitted by Councilman Starling on January 15.

“As of January 15, 2019 please accept my letter of resignation from my position as Councilperson of the 4th Ward, effective immediately,” Mayor Campbell read. “I have been on the council for over 20 years and I believe it is time to move forward so a younger person can become part of this important mission. It is bittersweet that I must resign. It was not an easy decision, but gradual recognition that my time on the Council was drawing near. Given my health and age and discussing this decision with my wife I believe it is my time to say farewell. My wife, the Rev. Dr. Jeanel Starling, and I appreciate the many times you helped us with the Free Community Christmas dinners on Christmas Day. I have enjoyed my time as a servant in this important position and service to the City of Milford, my hometown, of which I am proud. I have enjoyed working with the Council members and staff. Over the years, important issues were discussed and resolved. I will continue to follow you in the newspapers and on TV. I pray God’s riches blessings upon the Council as you continue to keep the interest of Milford as your primary goal.”

After reading Councilman Starling’s resignation letter, Mayor Campbell provided information from City Code regarding how a vacancy on Council must be handled. Since Councilman Starling resigned within 12 months of the end of his term, City Council must fill the vacancy within 45 days. The person appointed will only fill out the time left in the vacant seat’s terms. Mayor Campbell explained that this means whoever was appointed would have to file to run for the upcoming elections on April 27, 2019.

Councilwoman Katrina Wilson motioned that Jason James Sr. be nominated to complete Councilman Starling’s term on City Council, a motion that was seconded by Councilwoman Lisa Peel. The nomination was approved unanimously. Immediately following the vote, James was sworn in with his wife at his side by The Honorable Noel E. Primos. Councilman James then took his seat next to Councilwoman Wilson who also represents the 4th Ward.

Other seats that are due for election in April 2019 include Christopher Mergner, Ward 1; Todd Culotta, Ward 2; and Doug Morrow, Ward 3. The deadline to file for the election is February 26, 2019.