Elementary Students Share Investigative Skills


By Dr. Amanga Gaglione, TEAM Teacher

On February 5th, Talent Enrichment & Acceleration in Milford (TEAM) Students enjoyed an evening to come together to share in learning. TEAM includes students in Banneker, Mispillion and Lulu Ross Elementary Schools in grades 3, 4 and 5. ‘Sleuths Sharing’ was the evening’s theme and included presentations of the iProjects they have been developing over the past couple of months and guest speakers.

Based on a combination of Gifted Education guru Dr. Joseph Renzulli’s Type 3 Fair, and the Genius Hour, the iProject is an opportunity for students to explore an area of interest. Students selected a topic of their choice to research. Then, they decided how to share their learning. Many students created slide shows, while others had models and tri-folds. This first project had some guidance but was left to students to explore and share.

These next projects will be shared at the end of May. Banneker Elementary 5th grader Jacob Dickerson selected a project comparing the traits of elite athletes Michael Jordan and Lebron James with that of Ninja, the professional gamer. When asked why he selected this topic, Jake said, “I picked this because I like watching and playing basketball and Fortnite. I wanted to see what makes players successful in both” (photo: Jacob presenting to Dr. Kilgore, Principal of Banneker Elementary and Mason Bird, Banneker 5th grader).
In keeping with the class theme this year, ‘It’s A Mystery to Me’, TEAM.

Families were excited to welcome Senior Corporal Theresa Bloodsworth and Evidence Tech Simpkiss from the Milford Police Department who shared how they solve real-life mysteries in our community. “Seeing the tools they use to solve crimes” was Mason Bird’s favorite part of the presentation. Peyton Shockley, 5th grader at Banneker, enjoyed “seeing how fingerprints and footprints are actually collected, not just having them tell us.” Anthony Miller, 4th grader at Lulu Ross, was allowed to keep the impression of his footprint.

Dr. Gaglione, T.E.A.M. Teacher, stated, “While we read about mysteries in class, tonight students were given first-hand experience in seeing how they are really solved. I’m especially thankful to the Milford Police Department for sharing their expertise with our students. It was a wonderful evening for families to also get a glimpse of what we do in the classroom each week. The students learned valuable research skills and benefited from the practice of presenting in front of others.”

After evaluating their projects, students will begin a more structured effort to find a solution to a real-world problem. At the end of May, another evening event will be held for students to showcase their hard work.