Choose my own Choice


By Tom Schultz, 97.1 The Wave Morning Show Host

There is a restaurant in my town it is known for its specialty’s of french fries. Among their other meal products is there “world famous curly fries”. The curvy, curly potato strings deep fried and covered in a spicy seasoning are a fan favorite. It seems no matter what your selection, no matter what entree you pick, no meal is complete without the curly fries. But, there is also an option for straight cut fries. And for a guy like me, these are the best kind of fries to get.

Just the other day, I heard one of my co-workers exclaim he enjoys a local fast food place that serves only waffle fries and that’s the only kind of fries that anyone should even have. And I thought to myself, what a very narrow worldview, life would be so boring if we only had one kind of french fry. Can you imagine a world where the only choice of french fry is the one that you don’t like anyway?

So it makes me happy to think that in life we actually do have a number of choices. And at the end of day none of them are the wrong choice to have. These days, our society is so divided in one form or the other. Whether its politics, religion, news or music, you be hard to find a group of people with any like mind. This is not a bad thing at all. It’s our difference that provide the variety of life.

So politics aside, I would like to focus on some more superficial differences we have with each other. These are the topics make get family gatherings more interesting. They might turn the discussion into a shouting match but rarely do things turn to fist to cuffs (at least I hop nope). These are topics that can be used as ice breakers at a cocktail party or perhaps meeting a stranger for the first time. It’s a no harm, no foul situation. Because in fact, there is really no right or wrong season.

Ask any Nascar fan, which is your favorite Ford or Chevy (don’t even bring Toyota into the discussion), you will get a much heated debate on the virtues and faults of each car line. When in fact, that is exactly what each of those car manufacturers are. How about entering into an iPhone versus Droid smartphone debate. It will go on for hours without any resolution or compromise reached. Dry rub against wet rub barbecue style…well, them there are fighting words. Original versus Extra Crispy, Plastic or Paper, Hot or Mild, and Pancakes versus Waffles…these are the hot topics which will get any conversation or started or turn into the next presidential debate.

But the truth of the matter is…it doesn’t really matter. Whatever you like is fine by me and hopefully my choices are not too disgusting or disturbing that I can be at least tolerated. So maybe this analogous of the bigger issues out there. Maybe its time for a civility that your choices are ok if they fit you. My choices are fine because they fit me but they might not fit you. After all, maybe we all don’t like curly fries but we all like french fries. Well, most of us, if you don’t like french fries, well then, I can’t even deal with you.

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