Travel to the Holy Land


Rev. Anthony Giamello
Pastor, St. John the Apostle/St. Bernadette

I invite you along another spiritual journey.Imagine walking along the shore of Sea of Galilee, praying in Jesus’ boyhood synagogue, sitting on the hills of the Mount of the Beatitudes, renewing your Baptismal promises in the Jordan River, having reconciliation in the Garden of Gethsemane, walking the way of the Cross through the markets of Jerusalem, kneeling at the sight of the Nativity. Stop imagining and experience it for yourself. Travel to The Holy Land with me, October 15-24, 2019. It is an experience that will be part of your spiritual life forever. You will love it from the first Shalom. If you are interested and would like more information please contact St. John’s Parish Office at 302-422-5123 for more information.

During this Lenten season we will have a Parish Lenten Mission given by Fr. Peter Krebs, S.T. I invite you to start your Lenten Journey by attending Mass on Ash Wednesday, March 6th and to accompany me throughout the Parish Lenten Mission.

Ash Wednesday

9:00am Mass (St. John’s)

12:00pm (St. John’s & St. Bernadette’s) Distribution of Ashes

7:00pm Mass (St. John’s & St. Bernadette’s)

We are extremely blessed to have a Fr. Peter, an internationally renown Retreat Master among us. Fr. Peter Krebs, S.T., Ph.D., is a priest of a missionary order, Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity, and was the Director of the Shrine of St. Joseph in Stirling, NJ, for over 20 years. He has been a priest for 50 years and is a licensed psychologist. He is a professor on “An Croi Wisdom Institute’s” staff in Ireland and the United States and a member of its board. His teachings help prepare those called to be spiritual guides. Fr. Krebs is a much sought after retreat director and spiritual guide. He founded and directs “Sacred Thread Ministries” whose mission is to help people discover, or enhance, the presence of God on whatever journey they may be on in life. Through various “ministries” Sacred Thread Ministries helps people find the answer to the question “where is God” in a challenging situation for them.

The Parish Lenten Mission will begin on the weekend of March 9-10, with Fr. Peter giving the homily at all the English Masses at St. John’s. Sunday through Tuesday’s talks will talk place in St. John’s Hall. Wednesday’s talk will take place in St. Bernadette’s Hall.


                           Sunday, March 10 4:30pm Mission Talk Incarnational Hope

                                                  followed by Potluck Dinner

                           Monday, March 11 9:00am Mass

                                                  9:30am Mission Talk Baptismal Hope

                                                  6:00pm Benediction

                                                   6:30 Mission Talk Baptismal Hope

                         Tuesday, March 12 9:00am Mass

                                                   9:30am Mission Talk In The Cross of Christ, Is Our Hope

                                                   6:00pm Mission Talk In The Cross of Christ, Is Our Hope

                                                    Confessions to follow

                     Wednesday, March 13 11:15am Potluck Lunch at St. Bernadette’s

                                                   12:00pm Mission Talk Hope, The Road Less Traveled

                                                   6:00pm Confessions

                                                    7:00pm Mass & Homily

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