Milford City Councilman Jason James


by Terry Rogers



On Monday, January 28, Jason James was sworn in as 4th Ward Councilman at the regular meeting of Milford City Council. Councilman James replaced James Starling who retired from the position that evening. At the meeting, Mayor Archie Campbell explained that Councilman Starling would complete the remainder of Councilman Starling’s term but would need to run for re-election in April. When the deadline arrived to register as a candidate, Councilman James was unopposed and will be sworn in to the position in early May.

Councilman Jason L. James, Sr., is a native Milfordian and works as a Corporate Controller at Burris Logistics. He has been married to his wife, Pamela T. James, MSN, RN, for 30 years who is also a native Milfordian. The couple has three children – Jason L. James, Jr., Ed.D; Joshua T. James, a personal trainer and Toshi Reynolds. Councilman James has a Master of Business Administration in Finance, a Master of Business Administration in General Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

“Mr. Starling and I, over numerous years, had discussed that when he decided to retire from City Council, that I would run for his seat,” Councilman James explained. “When he decided to retire prior to the end of his term, he called me to inform me of his decision as he said he would. So, when Mayor Campbell reached out to me to ask if I was interested, I was happy to accept the nomination. I am blessed to have Mr. Starling’s support and his willingness to be available for guidance.”

Councilman James would like to see the City of Milford grow but not just for the sake of growth. He wants to see new job opportunities created as a result of the growth, especially in the healthcare segment. He plans to focus on fiscal responsibility and the enhancement of the quality of our school systems while also focusing on the needs of the police department to ensure they have what they need to protect and serve citizens. Councilman James also plans to foster a healthy relationship with the Carlisle Fire Department.

“I think one of the biggest challenges facing the City is to balance the needs of the City with available revenues in a fiscally responsible manner,” Councilman James said. “With the estimated increase in population growth, our school systems and our Police Department needs will increase so the City must be prepared to address these needs. An equally important challenge will be to get more of our citizens to participate in our local government. I and every other councilperson represent the citizens. We need to hear the voices of the people to properly serve them.”

As for the citizens of the 4th Ward, Councilman James wants them to know that they have a voice and that he is anxious to hear their ideas as well as their concerns. He wants citizens to tell him directly the direction they want their ward to go and that he is a willing representative of their needs, wants and vision. Councilman James plans to make the 4th Ward a shining star in the City, a clean, safe place for people to buy, build and rehab existing properties.

“I want the City of Milford to be a place where businesses and professionals seek to locate,” Councilman James said. “We must be business-friendly. Businesses will need to know that we want them here and that we will not burden them with unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy. This means we must have top rated education systems and facilities while maintaining our excellent property tax structure. There is intense focus directed towards the enhancement of Downtown Milford, as it should be. However, there should be an equally intense focus on attracting businesses to occupy empty buildings and developing vacant lots.”

Councilman James is looking forward to the opportunity to serve the citizens of Milford. He knows that he and his family have benefitted greatly from the local community and he sees it an obligation as well as a duty to give his council position all the energy he can to aide in the betterment of Milford.


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