Little Hacks for Everyday Life


Guest Writer Paula Sangeleer, Middays on Cool 101.3

While traveling with a friend recently, the inevitable moment of picture time arose and my friend said “just use photo burst”. I had no idea what that was. Well, on an iPhone, if you simply hold the button down instead of snapping one pic, it will take shots for you for as long as you hold the button down. What? Is this new? My friend assured me I’ve had this technology in my hand for at least 5 years.

If you were not aware, give it a try. You’ll have many photos to choose from, keep the ones you want, the rest delete automatically. Amazing. Normally I fancy myself technologically capable, maybe a bit more than average due to my career. In this moment I felt like a real Luddite. Got me thinking, what other things in my life are right there, ready to offer me conveniences, do my work for me, enable me to put my feet up and relax.

So I did a google search, ended up down a rabbit hole learning uses for everyday objects that I never would have thought of but were designed for very specific purposes. The tab on a soda can, spin it around, straw holder, who knew? The headrest of your car is designed to be removed so you can wedge it into your car window and break it to make a quick escape in the event you are trapped. A plastic cup top is often designing to also function as a perfect coaster. That tiny pocket in your jeans pocket, that’s for a pocket watch, who has one of those?

I could go on and on however that would rob you of the delight of killing time at your job by doing the searches yourself. I promise you’ll learn some things and be able to amaze your friends at parties. Let me know what you find ! Meanwhile, I’m going to spend some time in my car asking “what does this button do”, while it’s in park of course.