Milford Microtel to be Updated Prototype


by Terry Rogers

Chad Moore of Beacon Hospitality is excited for the new Microtel to open in Milford on Silicato Parkway. A conditional use was approved by City Council in March 2018 and Moore said that Wyndham settled on the property where the hotel will be located in July.

“We had plans drawn up and approvals ready to roll,” Moore explained. “Then, we learned that Wyndham is coming up with a new prototype for Microtel with a  floor area that is a bit smaller than what we currently use. Although we were approved to go ahead with building the older version by Wyndham, we decided against it. We felt that it would be better to go with the new prototype.”

Moore explained that the old prototype for Microtel proved difficult to build as it had quite a few bump outs and corners. Although he has not seen the new prototype yet, he understands that the new version will not have quite so many corners so building will be easier. As a member of the Wyndham Board and their Design Committee, he will see the new prototype before it is released to the public.

“We are very excited for this new design,” Moore said. “We are also excited to open our new Milford location. My mother grew up in Milford. Both my brother and I were born in Milford hospital. It just made sense with the new hospital and Milford’s growth to open a new location here. Milford is ready for an upper scale economy hotel like Microtel. It is located only 14 miles from Georgetown, a location where we are actually turning people away in the summer.”

Moore also believes the new hospital will bring more visitors to Milford who need places to stay. He pointed out that beach boundaries are moving north with many people choosing to stay outside the busy beach area when they come to Delaware on vacation.

When the hotel was approved in March 2018, it was approved by unanimous vote. Councilwoman Katrina Wilson pointed out that the timing was right for this hotel with Milford’s expected growth while Councilwoman Lisa Peel commented that Milford needed additional lodging. Councilman Owen Brooks had a concern about traffic to which Ring Lardner of Davis, Bowen & Friedel answered that Microtel had already conducted traffic studies and, with the new overpasses planned in the area, it could be managed fairly easily.

Initially, Moore had hoped to be in the construction phase by now, according to comments made to Council. However, the change in the Microtel prototype has placed his hospitality group in a holding pattern.

“In all honesty, this kind of thing is not unusual in the hotel business,” Moore said. “We often make adjustments and changes based on customer comments as well as recommendations from the staff. When this hotel is completed, it will be one of the first using the new prototype. We could not be more excited to bring our brand to Milford.”

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