Chorman Receives TOY Honor for MHS


Milford School District teacher Molly Chorman has been named Teacher of the Year for Milford High School. A homegrown girl, Chorman graduated from Milford in 1999. Working in the Milford School District’s financial office during days off in her senior year, she earned a degree in Business Management from the University of Delaware.

“Seeing our finest in action lighting up the classroom and connecting with kids’ hearts was all I needed to see that this was where I wanted to spend my 30 years,” said Chorman. “What greater impact can you make in a profession. The legacy you can leave behind is immeasurable. I wanted that chance and seize it every day.”

Receiving the Teach of the Year honor from her peers and the Milford district has great meaning for Chorman. “You are always trying to outdo yourself and get better and better at your craft, so hearing kind words from families and students always makes the teacher’s heart happy,” she said. “We are here to serve, and these students and families are our customers. This naming of teacher of the year is a nudge that what I am doing is working, and that I am right where I need to be.”

Chorman loves the impact teachers can make and excited to be part of a driving force to grow her hometown. In 2015, Chorman spearheaded Milford’s Teacher Academy pathway as she trains students that want to become a K-12 educator.

“Seeing my Teacher Academy students with the same fire and vigor to excel in this profession absolutely excites me. I adore what I do and try very hard to pass along that same contagious, positive energy, because that is what every learner deserves” Chorman commented. “Seeing our youth buying into that same mentality and that same want for bigger and better things in the classroom is all I need to fuel my own teaching fire.”

Chorman states that as she teaches in a diverse community, her biggest challenge and opportunity will always be “reaching them all, connecting with every student at their level and place in their life. My students are my greatest teachers. I am a better educator because of them, so I embrace them all, and together, we take this educational journey side-by-side.”

As a teacher that reaches out through volunteer services, she wants the community to understand that the profession is a partnership. “We are all stakeholders and all responsible for growing our next generation of citizens.” Said Chorman. “Our doors are open and I hope, we hope, that the community doors are open as well. We all serve together.”

In the future, Chorman wants to continue to evolve. “I want to see more and more diverse students enter our Teacher Academy pathway,” she said. “Our students deserve teachers that look like them, understand their culture and backgrounds, and are always advocates and examples of highly effective education. This is the mission of my program, daily.”

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