KSI Creates Pre-Vocational opportunities


Krista has worked a number of jobs through KSI, including being an integral part of its work crew at Procter & Gamble Dover Wipes plant for 10 years. Through that Pre-Vocational opportunity, she learned the skills she needed for real-world employment, as well as developing a great work ethic. As she matured and her life changed, she felt it was time to take the next step and make a better living as a direct hire with a community employer. So she advocated for Supported Employment services to help her meet that goal.

“Krista is a strong communicator and very outgoing. She has no problem laying out her needs,” shared Krista’s Employment Specialist Cordelia Hicks.

With KSI Supported Employment, Krista tried a few jobs until she found her match two years ago at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino’s buffet kitchen. She so impressed the kitchen management during her interview that they hired her right away. There she washes dishes and performs light housekeeping, giving Dover Downs a reliable and hard-working asset in a job that’s known for its high turnover.

“She has excellent endurance. She’s one of the few participants who works full-time hours, five days a week,” said Ms. Hicks. “She’s prompt, she gets her job done and will often agree to work overtime if needed.”

Even though the atmosphere in the buffet area can get hectic, Krista is known for digging in and getting her work done with a positive attitude. And the kitchen management couldn’t ask for more. “Krista is a go-getter,” Ms. Hicks related. “The casino atmosphere can be fast-paced, especially when they have a large crowd for special events. But she keeps up.”