Marabello Elected to City Council Seat


In the 1st Ward Milford City Council Race, a total of 279 persons voted with Daniel Marabello receiving 181 votes and Samuel Passwaters III receiving 98 votes. As a result, Daniel Marabello was elected to a two-year term and will be sworn in on May 6 at 7pm.

A former Mayor of Milford, Marabello is “pleased and excited of what we can accomplish as a community.” He remarked on the positive energy that current Mayor Archie Campbell and councilmembers have and complimented them on the vision they have set forth for the city of Milford.

Marabello intends to stay focused on code enforcement and making sure that the City invests in beautification efforts. “If we are expecting people to invest in us then we must make the decision to invest in ourselves,” he said. “We need to enhance our gateways and ensure that Downtown Milford continues to grow.

Part of the Riverwalk Theatre rehabilitation project in downtown, Dan has put his own time and energy into ensuring the vibrancy of this area. This June the building will be reopened for live theatre and movies, showcasing a new lobby and stage.

“The downtown is very important to the future of our town,” said Marabello. “There are some major rehabilitation projects underway and this year we will see many of them completed.”

Marabello stated that he does not want the city of Milford to only be a retirement community. “We must look down the line of how we want to grow,” he said “There are a lot of young families here and we need to invest in their future.”

It is important to Dan that the City makes more investments in public infrastructure and roadways that compliment the private sector. “We can work together to build this community for the residents.”

One major priority of his will be getting more people involved in local government. “I want young people to know why it’s important to get involved with local government and organizations,” said Marabello. “It’s rewarding and helps our town to grow with quality of life in mind.”

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