Hill Named MSD Teacher of the Year


Jaime Hill was recently named Milford School Distirct’s Teacher of the Year. Born and raised in Milford and a Milford High School graduate, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Wilmington University. She pursued her Master’s in Special Education and began her teaching journey 18 years ago as a kindergarten teacher for the Indian River school district. Hill taught kindergarten with the Indian River School District for 13 years before she began teaching at Morris.

“I was very humbled to be named teacher of the year for Morris. Morris is an amazing school, and I have the privilege of working with such dedicated and hardworking coworkers, said Hill. ‘So many teachers in the building are deserving of this award. I am very proud to represent Morris as their teacher of the year.”

There was never a question in her mind that education was the path that she would take, particularly early childhood education. Hill has always had a passion for early childhood education, especially special education. “What brings me back each year are the children and the astounding academic and social growth that each child makes every year.” Hill commented. “After 18 years, I still get excited for the start of a new school year and the challenges that each year will bring. As long as I continue to feel that excitement, I will continue to teach kindergarten.”

What she enjoys most about teaching is knowing that she has made a difference in a child’s life. “Kindergarten is an amazing year,” said Hill. “The social and academic growth that children make in kindergarten is truly fascinating. There is something to be said about the look on a child’s face when they read for the first time; it is so rewarding.”



The biggest challenge that she faces each year is differentiating instruction to meet the needs of each student in my classroom. Each year, a new group of five year olds enters her classroom with various academic, social and emotional strengths and weaknesses. “Equality in the classroom is not about each child getting the same, but about each child getting what he or she needs,” commented Hill. “I owe it to each of my students to find ways to reach their individual needs. That is always challenging; yet it is from that challenge that I have my biggest successes. The challenges are what keeps me motivated and on my toes.”

Hill wants the community to know the teaching is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding careers. “There are great accomplishments that happen every day that the general public cannot see,” she said. “I wish every member of the community could be in the schools to see all of the things that our district does well. The Milford School district is filled with amazing and dedicated educators.”

One thing she has learned about teaching is that the list of ways teachers and students can improve is a mile long. Even the best, most dedicated educators have room for professional growth. “My future goals include continuing to grow professionally by adding new teaching strategies to meet the needs of the most diverse learners,” said Hill.

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