Valvoline Celebrates Grand Opening


by Terry Rogers

The first weekend in June, Valvoline Instant Oil Change celebrated the Grand Opening of their new Milford location. The service center offers instant oil changes and other preventative maintenance services.

“There is no appointment necessary,” William Cropper, Service Center Manager, said. “Customers just pull into our drive-thru bay and wait in the car during the entire service. We strive to change the oil in any car in 15 minutes. In addition to oil changes, we top off any fluids that are low and conduct a safety inspection. We review any manufacturer recommended service with the customer as well.”

All technicians complete a professional ASE-certified training program that is ranked second globally by the Association for Talent Development’s 2017 BEST Award. They have the ability to work on most vehicle makes and models, including luxury, diesel and hybrid vehicles.

Valvoline was founded in 1866 by Dr. John Ellis, a Michigan physician who began investing in an oil refining company in the mid-1860s. Ellis initially thought that petroleum products may offer medicinal properties but soon learned that this was not the case. He did, however, determine that oil could be a lubricating agent for cylinders in railroad steam engines and other machinery. Prior to his research, machines were lubricated using animal or vegetable oils which were not necessarily good for the engines which ran at extremely high temperatures.

Ellis found that petroleum-based oils were more stable at different temperatures but lost lubrication qualities if they were mixed with water. Ellis added a small amount of tallow found in animal oils which preserved the lubrication of the oil, helping to discover the first compounded engine oil. In 1866, Ellis moved to Binghamton, New York, where he founded the Continuous Oil Refining Company. His company produced the new compounded steam engine using his patented steam boiler. Initially, his oil was known as Ellis Oil but the name soon changed to Valvoline after the valves it was lubricating.In 1895, Valvoline lubricated the Duryea wagon which one the first auto race in the United States. Henry Ford broke the land speed record in 1904 in a four-wheel “999,” lubricated with Valvoline oil. This led the automaker to publicly endorse the Valvoline brand when he launched the Model T four years later. The basic compound oil recipe discovered by Ellis is the same basic oil used in cars today.

Today, Valvoline is a leading worldwide supplier and marketer of premium branded lubricants and automotive services. The oil ranks as the number three passenger car motor oil in the do-it-yourself market by volume and their Valvoline Instant Oil change quick-service locations are ranked second in the United States and third in Canada.

Cropper suggests that customers check the website at as the company often posts coupons and to check the mailbox as they often send specials through the US Mail as well. The Milford location is open Sunday from 9 AM until 5 PM, Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 7 PM and on Saturday from 7:30 AM until 6 PM. The store is located at 600 North Dupont Blvd behind Starbucks in the Milford Plaza Shopping Center.

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