MCA Students Graduate to HS


This week, the eighth grade students at Milford Central Academy (MCA) celebrated their culmination of eight years with a graduation ceremony. Each of them will now enter high school and prepare for the challenges of their final leg of secondary education.

“This class of 8th grade graduates is absolutely amazing.  They have done amazing work in the community, on the athletic fields, and in the classroom,” said MCA Principal Gary Zoll. “While I was only able to be their principal for this year, they have certainly left a lasting impact on myself as an educator with how thoughtful and dedicated they have been in their endeavors.”



Zoll states that the ceremony is extremely special for students and families.  “Middle school is never an easy 3 year time period, as students change tremendously during their time with us,” he said. “Because of the difficulty, and seeing students growing up before our eyes, marking the end of the ceremony is gigantic.”

Several MCA students were also recognized for their leadership in the classroom, around school and extracurricular activities.

Award                                                                          Honorees

ELA – Buford Star Student:Jacob Welch

Star Student:Takayla Riddick

Star Student:Jacob Holland

Most Improved:  Blaire Sharp

ELA – Deming Tahycha Sinjour (Most Improved), Jonathan Perez-Roblero (Most Improved), Emily Volkomer (Star Student), Abigail Lincoln (Star Student), Brendan Slonacher (Star Student)
ELA – McNulty Star Student Honors: Block 3: Sophia Lopez

Star Student:   Block 1: Alexis Wright

Star Student     Block 2: Za’Riah Parris

Most Improved Honors:  – Melissa Mesidor

Most Improved: – Jefferson Mendez

ELA- Thompson Star Student:Juan Delgado Cruz

Star Student:Olivia Wright

Star Student:Briana Kourakas

Most improved:Juan Diaz Perez

ELA – Wilkins Star Student:  Bl. 1 – Madison Hartnett

Star Student:   Bl. 2 – Ariana Hinmon

Star Student     Bl. 3 – Allyson Perry

Most Improved:  Honors – Ariyanna Hazzard

Most Improved:  Academic –  Xavier Brewington

Math – Delli Paoli Star Student: TyShaun Finney

Block 2 Star: Billy Richer

Block 3 Star: James Anderson

Most Improved: Alex Deer

Math – Kebles Star Student Academic: Ethan Rogers

Start Student Honors: Adam Nash

Most Improved Honors: Albert Kiser

Most Improved Academic: Kevin Lobos Morales, Zane Latsch

Math – Lancaster Block 1 Star: Leslie Ochoa Cruz

Block 2 Star: Mariah Todd

Block 3 Star: Mikayla Hinson

Most Improved: Fernanda Castillo-Perez

Math – Lee Honors Star Student:  Hayden Giuttari

Academic Star Student:  Hannah Walls

Academic Star Student:  Shae James

Honors Most Improved:  Breeona Siegrist

Academic Most Improved:  My’Kira Fisher

Math – Worley – Honors Most Improved-  Bryan Roblero

Honors Star Student- Khyliah Reynolds

Most Improved- Joce-Allyn Wheeler

Star Student- Dan Cusick

Star Student- Antonio Robles-Gonzalez

Science – Roberts Advanced Star Student: Taylor Wachter

Academic Star Student: Mhegin Bisram

Academic Star Student: Jonah Parisi

Advanced Most Improved: Kameron Joseph

Academic Most Improved: Nasir Brewer

Science – Ward Advanced Star: Matthew Winkleblech

Advanced Star: Cecelia Kewer

Academic Star: Kayla Peffley

Most Improved Advanced: Lila Mergner

Most Improved Academic: Miranda Stamm

Social Studies – Holloway Jao’n Harris (Most Improved),

Wesley Sharp (Most Improved)

Hayley Reeder (Star Student),

Karsyn Bradley (Star Student),

Kayden Landwehr (Star Student-Honors), Rocio Baltazar- Gonzalez  (Star Student)

Social Studies – Ranney Jacob Holland (Star Student)

Saige McMahan (Star Student)

Connie Gonzalez (Star Student)

Mya Cherneski (Star – Advanced)

Oliver Barnes (Most Improved)

Positive Student Award Maxwell Parke –

Meadow Tesoro –

Shae James,

Gesel Esparza

Well-Rounded Award Josh Ikechi-Konkwo –

Anya Phillips,

Rulber Morales-Perez –

Matthew Winkleblech

Leadership Award Hayden Giuttari  –

Jude Cline –

Khyliah Reynolds –

Layna Reynolds

Good Citizen Award Evan Sterling,

Abigail Baxter,

Leah Elliott,

Lauren Russell,

Layna Reynolds,

Emmerson Lefever

Hardest Worker Award Jeremy Jiminez-Diaz –

Riley Bacon –

Saige McMahan,

Duckens Sajous,

Fernando Payano,

Jordan Ortiz Escalante,

Jessica Delva –

Luis Maldonado

Most Respectful Award Perla Mendoza Mendez –

Bryan Roblero –

Monique Payne –

Katelyn Milligan –

Takayla Riddick –

Seth Swigert –

Dakota Carmona –

Oliver Hernandez-Santizo

Principal’s Award Nick Colona and Perla Mendoza Mendez


PE JaYia Scott-Warner, Landen Hester
Art Monique Payne & William Gray
JDG Ariana  Hinmon, Russell Welsh, & Miracle Conde-Harris
Band B&B Music Award: Nicholas Colona

Jules Combs, Lily Sharp

Chorus Mya Cherneski & Rulber Adan Morales-Perez
Ag Nathan Fausnaught, Lauren Russell
Health Laylia Salaz, Joshua Chelen
Business Breeona A. Siegrist, Hayden M. Giuttari
Technology Skylar Shaffer, Joshua Walker
Allied Health Brianna Bailey, Joshua Valentin-Marquez
EL Jennifer Padilla Quinto, Juan Delgado Cruz
Bible Scholar Nicholas Colona  and Savana Moore
Gospel choir Rikiya Dukes, Aaliyah Tilghman
Read 180 Mathew Lebo