Schelhouse Retiring after 35 Years


by Terry Rogers 

In July, after 35 years of service to the Milford School District Board of Education, Marvin Schelhouse will step down. His seat will be taken by Kristopher R. Thompson who ran unopposed for the open seat.

“No other person has served on the Milford School District Board of Education as long as Marvin,” Dr. Kevin Dickerson, Superintendent, said. “We want to thank you for your remarkable leadership and unwavering support of Milford School District and completing such a distinguished career as a board member.”

Senator Dave Wilson presented Schelhouse with a commendation from the Delaware State Senate, pointing out that Senator Wilson himself was around 35 years of age when Schelhouse took his seat for the first time. Senator Wilson stated that Schelhouse should be commended for his notable service throughout a remarkable tenure and that he served with distinction and dedication to youth.

“I had the pleasure of serving on the Milford School Board for nine years and Marvin outlasted me by a load,” Representative Charles Postles said. “I think about when you started, how things have changed since then. When you began, there may have been computers but they were in the office and mostly used for word processing. Before your tenure, there were no computers in classrooms but we brought them there. I was a part of that and today, kids have even more technology with iPads, cell phones and tablets. You have been a part of and overseen at least three buildings being built, a couple renovations. As I was recalling some of those changes that occurred that you were a part of made me feel really good. I have a great respect for you but the things that have transpired over those years, not many people can tell the stories you can tell.”

Representative Bryan Shupe pointed out that Schelhouse’s exceptional knowledge, whether it was as a school board member or his interaction with him through the Milford Museum, helped Representative Shupe understand the importance of a shared heritage and history.

“I wish I could say that I understand what it truly means to serve an organization for 35 years, but I have not been alive that long,” joked Representative Shupe. “I have learned from you why it is important to have a community that surrounds itself around the schools. Your love for history and the understanding that to see where we are going, is to look at the past. I think that key of understanding our shared history is critical.”

John Marinucci, Executive Director of the Delaware School Board Association, presented Schelhouse with a commendation as well. Seth Buford, representing the Milford Education Association presented Schelhouse with a citation from the organization.

“Did you think back in 2000, when I gave the first construction report to the board, that we would be standing here today?” Marinucci said. “You were on the board when I came to work for Milford School District many years ago and I can say that you always approach your work with honor and integrity. Even when there were issues, your integrity showed through. Milford has grown since we first met and the district has grown dramatically. You have seen the ups and downs, the struggles, the triumphs. Through it all, your integrity showed through.”




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